Halle Berry

Halle Berry's ex claims he was victim in Thanksgiving brawl

Halle Berry's ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry on Monday won a restraining order against the actress's current lover, as the two men fought in the Los Angeles courts over who started their Thanksgiving Day...

Halle Berry expecting baby at 46

Halle Berry

Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry is expecting her second child at the age of 46 with French actor fiance Olivier Martinez, her spokeswoman said on Friday.

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Martinez and Aubrey hospitalised following 'brutal fight'

Martinez and Aubrey

Thanks for nothing: Halle Berry's ex-partner has been arrested following a Thanksgiving Day punch-up with her fiance, Olivier Martinez.

Star Bodyguards

Guarded celebrities pay the price

Britney Spears and her bodyguard.

Celebrities pay six to seven figures to keep paparazzi, overzealous fans and the occasional stalker at bay.

Chinese woman wins Miss World title

Yu Wenxia

Miss China won the coveted title of Miss World on Saturday, triumphing on home soil during a glitzy final held in a mining city on the edge of the Gobi desert.

Don't search online for Emma Watson

Actress Emma Watson

New York Emma Watson is the favourite celebrity bait for cyber criminals trying to lure internet users.

Red carpet glamour

The Oscars: why best dressed matters more than best actor

Anne Hathaway.

Kate Waterhouse And you thought the Oscars was about the films. Kate Waterhouse looks at what turns heads on the red carpet come awards season, from classic couture to total frock shockers.

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Hot temper

Halle's ex Berry angry

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry

Halle Berry's ex, Gabrielle Aubry enrolls in anger management classes after being accused of assaulting nanny.

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Love match

Olivier confirms engagement to Berry

Olivier Martinez and Halle Berry.

After months of speculation, celebrity couple confirm engagement.

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Celebrity hook-ups

Love match

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore.

Kristie Lau Although it seems they can have any man they want, celebrities aren't immune from boyfriend stereotypes, writes Kristie Lau.