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Best Twitter reactions to Ryan Gosling's baby news

Has Ellen DeGeneres confirmed that Eva Mendes is pregnant with Ryan Gosling’s baby?

Congratulating the pair on Twitter, DeGenerous appears to have confirmed the rumours that Mendes is seven months pregnant with Gosling.

She Tweeted: “Congrats to @RyanGosling and @EvaMendes! That's going to be the most beautiful, bilingual, part-superhero, well-dressed, romantic baby ever.”

While DeGeneres is celebrating, the rest of the Twittersphere is crying virtual tears of devastation that Gosling will not be the father of their child. Here’s some our favourite reaction from Twitter.

First there was denial.


Many apparent tears were shed.

Breakup songs were turned into memes.

As females everywhere came to terms with the news.

But not everyone cried.

Once the feelings were shared.

Cookies were consumed.

And finally, peace was restored with the hope of something to look forward to.