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Charlotte Dawson's friends pour out their grief

As news of Charlotte Dawson's death swept across social media like wildfire, friends and strangers alike reacted to the news with shock.

While it took just minutes for condolences to flood Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, those who worked with the presenter and former model spoke of a "rock solid" but "troubled" character.

Presenter Ben Fordham, who met Dawson on a weekly basis as she arrived at Nine to film Mornings as he finished his Today Show shift, last saw her on Friday.

"It's just awful for the people who knew and loved her closely but also for those who knew and loved her form afar - they might never have met her but would have related to her because she was so raw and so real," he said.

"My main relationship with her was one where we used to bump into each other on a weekly basis in the corridors at Channel Nine and we'd poke fun at each other and rev each other up and generally have a good time together and have a laugh.

"She was outgoing, outrageous, outspoken, more than anything she was an outstanding human being.


"She lived in a bit of a dream world, I suppose, as far as fashion, TV modelling, champagne and parties, but above all these, she was a rock solid character who was loyal to everyone around her."

He made a point of highlighting Dawson's passionate persistence when it came to campaigning for lifesaving medical care for patients, such as her friend and former sister-in-law, Nicole Perko.

"She enlisted the help of people and ran a million miles an hour at it until the NSW health authority caved in and agreed to operate. There's no question those operations wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for Charlotte.

"A lot of people would be used to seeding Charlotte on TV and in fashion fields, but behind the scenes she was a rock for her friends."

Many of them took to Instagram, to which Dawson regularly uploaded photographs.

There, fashion designer Alex Perry, a close friend of Dawson, wrote: "We lost a Beautiful, Bright, Shining girl today rest in peace my sweetheart ... I love you x."

Model Jen Hawkins added her condolence: "RIP beautiful Charlotte. You will always be loved and missed. Love Jen. X"

Australia's Next Top Model's Didier Cohen wrote: "I wish you knew how much you were loved ... I love and miss you forever ... I can't believe this ... RIP."