Kate Waterhouse and Curtis Stone

Cheers ... Curtis Stone and Kate Waterhouse at Otto Ristorante. Photo: Jacky Ghossein

Australian celebrity chef Curtis Stone has been heating up Australian television screens for years but it wasn't until Oprah Winfrey took a shine to the 36-year-old and put him on her show that he became known worldwide. Kate Waterhouse caught up with Stone on his recent return to Australia to talk about his success and his six-month-old son Hudson with his partner, American actress Lindsay Price.

How is life as a dad?

It's a total life-changer but it's beautiful. Having a kid, you go through all of this worry, anxiety, stress and pressure and it totally rearranges your lifestyle but then you get a little smile from him and you would do 100 times more to get another smile. It's a really humbling, beautiful experience.

Any more kids in the future?

Yes, I would love to have more but I don't think we are in control of that. We hadn't planned kids and we were sort of like ''one day, hopefully, but not right now'' and then boom!

Will Lindsay return to acting?

Yeah, one day - not straight away. She dipped her toe in the water during the audition season this year to see what was out there but her parameters have changed. She doesn't want to do something that will keep her on set 15 hours a day and she doesn't want to do something that keeps her out of town, so the right thing wasn't there. But it's her passion and she loves it so I'm sure she will do it again soon.

How did you both meet?

Friends set us up on a blind date; it was the first time I'd gone on one.

Did you know straight away she was the one?

No, I thought it was a total disaster because I was sitting at the bar, kind of knowing what I was looking for but not absolutely positive, and she was about 30 minutes late, so I was thinking, ''she is not even going to show up''. Then she walked into the room and it was all all right, so I was happy I waited.

With the both of you having high profiles, did you do the Google search before you met?

Yeah, I did. The person who was trying to set us up was like, ''you will love this girl'', and I was like, ''I'm not going on a blind date'', but then I saw a photo of her and I was like, ''Maybe I will!'' So I swallowed my pride and went. And now we are madly in love.

Is marriage on the cards?

I don't know but I will tell you if it is.

Is it important to you both?

If it was and I told you all about it, I'd be ruining a huge surprise.

Did you ever think you would be as famous as you are over in the US now?

No. It's a bizarre thing; it happens gradually, day by day, and eventually you're like, ''shit, this is my life'' - it's a little bit surreal.

How did your strong bond with Oprah come about?

It sort of happened by accident. Oprah got three massive foodies on the show and their favourite chef had to compete in this sandwich showdown. I practised the shit out of the sandwich to make sure I was going to win and came up with this incredible Aussie surf-and-turf sandwich, and then I got there and she was a vegan! Oprah thought it was so funny and she joked with me afterwards [at the end of the show] and we sort of just connected from there.

WE WENT TO Otto Ristorante, Woolloomooloo.

WE ATE Seared scallops; strozzapreti artisan pasta with Yamba prawns; and zucchini flowers.

WE DRANK Otto Ristorante wine.

CURTIS WORE Rogue jacket, Theory shirt, Arthur Galan jeans.