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Entertain us: Joel Madden

The Voice judge Joel Madden on cinema, record stores and Lionel Richie.

Do you enjoy going to the cinema?

I love going to the movies. A lot of times, especially when I'm away from home, if I have all day to kill I'll go and do a triple-header. I check the listings and plan three movies in a row.

Do you have a favourite film?

That's a tough question. Of recent times, probably the movie I've watched the most is Avatar - probably, like, 10 times. Inglourious Basterds I watched five times. Another movie that really inspired me was The King's Speech.

Is there anything that's surprised you about Australian television?

I haven't had a chance to watch your soap operas. But I find the news here to be a lot more entertaining, a lot more laid-back. It's not as stiff to me as it is in America. Your guys laugh a lot.


Do you have the records, cassettes or CDs you had as a child?

I've kept them all. I was all about cassettes, then CDs came more when I was in high school. I've got mix tapes that I used to make for girls back in the day.

Are you still into record stores or more of an iTunes guy?

Sadly, I love record stores but in America the great chains have gone away. I've yet to find a great record store in Sydney but I haven't had time to search. I live on iTunes because whenever I'm sitting around, that's where I'm at. I probably buy 20 records a week, easily.

Back in the US, do you have jam sessions with your father-in-law, Lionel Richie?

You know what , we actually do. Lionel is like a true father, he's like a guide for me, he's a mentor. My wife [Nicole Richie] is more like, ''Oh dad, don't tell this story again,'' but I soak it up. I would venture to say I spend more time with him than [she] does.