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Guy Ritchie and Madonna lawyer up for custody battle

Guy Ritchie is allegedly ready to fight ex-wife Madonna for custody of 15-year-old son Rocco.

According to TMZ, the British film director and his son have formed a "united front, and plan to wage a custody war against Madonna".

The site claims to have information from an inside source close to Guy, who stated that after being on tour with his mother, Rocco finds Madonna 'too controlling' and doesn't appreciate her 'oversharing' his life on social media.

The source also claimed that Guy, 47, has hired a lawyer in preparation for the ongoing custody battle.

A US court judge has ordered that both Rocco and Guy must return to New York in February to discuss future custody arrangements.

"We're told Rocco, like his dad, feels home life in London is more stable and loving," TMZ reports. "It's no longer just that Rocco doesn't like touring with his mom ... he says he just doesn't want to live with her anymore."


According to separate sources Rocco "craves stability" and a more normal existence.

"When he's in England, [Rocco] gets to live a low-key life . . . He can go about his business and talk to girls without paparazzi stalking him, as Guy has carved out a pretty private existence for his family," a source tells Page Six. "He finds making friendships in New York much more difficult. Over here, everyone [is] trying to score an invitation over to Madonna's house."


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Madonna shared this photo on her Instagram, as Rocco celebrated with his father in London.

Rocco abandoned his mum's Rebel Hearts tour, which he had been working on, when it arrived in London at the end of last year.

He went to stay with his dad and his new wife, Jacqui Ainsley and then reportedly missed his flight back to New York with his mum.

After refusing to return, Madonna went to court and a judge ordered the teen to fly back to New York shortly before Christmas. Ritchie's attorney Eric Buckley countered, saying that "Rocco has expressed very clearly" that he didn't want to return to his mother. 

Rocco ignored the order to return to New York and, according to reports, a London judge separately ruled that he can remain in England with his father.

He told a friend on Instagram, "I'm staying here bro."

Meanwhile, to add fuel to the fire, it is said that Rocco blocked his mother from his Instagram account while still having Guy and step-mother Jacqui Ainsley among his 138 000 followers. He has since deleted his Instagram account altogether.

The custody hearing is set for February 3.