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Hamish and Zoe: first wedding pictures

It was a celebratory double whammy - Hamish Blake last Tuesday tied the knot with Zoe Foster on his 31st birthday - and the star of Hamish & Andy's Gap Year admits that the day was a little more like a five-year-old's birthday party than a traditional wedding.

First photos from the wedding, published in today's edition of Woman's Day magazine, show the beaming couple at their "hilarious" nuptials, Foster in a Steven Khalil lace gown and with roses in her hair.

But while the comedian and his author bride let tradition fall by the wayside, celebrating in their own unorthodox style, their sentiments seemed as timeless as ever. "I'll never forget the moment I first saw Zoe as a bride... I've never had my breath taken away until that moment," Blake told the magazine.

They wrote their own vows, spoken in front of just 22 of their closest friends and family members, which included promises to "turn to each other for support" and that "nurturing [their] relationship is [their] number one priority".

Their cake was topped by Pixar characters, Wall-E and Eve, "and instead of a first dance, Zoe and I rehearsed a magic show for everyone [with The Moody Blues’ hit Nights In White Satin as the musical backdrop]", Blake told the magazine.

"Everyone got their own inscribed pewter goblet – and since we really do enjoy a Snickers bar, we had a special Snickers cake made,” he said.


The magazine reports that Be Young Be Foolish Be Happy by The Tams was on the dancefloor playlist, while Blake showed his romantic side by naming a star after his bride.

"I wanted something that was eternal as a gesture or an analogy for what I think our relationship is like - and it's bright and fun.

"I love the thought of something in the sky being named after Zoe. I even thought it was perfect that the clouds were there on our wedding night, because even though it's cloudy, our love is still there shining brightly."

The ceremony and party were held at Wolgan Valley resort in the Blue Mountains, where Australian cricket captain Michael Clarke married Kyly Boldy earlier this year.

The couple announced their surprise wedding on Friday via Twitter.

Foster, 32, tweeted from @zotheysay: "I didn’t know heartpounding, feet-off-the-ground joy til I snuck off on Tuesday to marry my beautiful Hame ... And now, viva la funnymoon!"

While Blake said from @hamishandandy Twitter account: "If you heard a ‘‘whoop for joy’’ on Tuesday, it was me; I married my girl! I’m the happiest guy. She seems happy too (phew). #honeymooning.

The couple's spokesman told Fairfax Media: "The event was a private ceremony attended only by immediate family and a handful of witnesses. They are extremely happy, thank everyone for their well wishes, and are now using a well earned honeymoon overseas to recover from all the cake they ate."

They got together after co-writing, of all things, a dating guide called Textbook Romance.