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Kristin tries a love potion

Sex and the City star Kristin Davis has hinted about her latest weapon to find a man: an ancient Aboriginal love potion.

The actor, who split recently from Hollywood writer Aaron Sorkin, says Raw Spirit Fire Tree by Nomad Two Worlds is her favourite perfume.

"It's sensual and yummy," says Davis, who played prissy and prudish Charlotte in the hit series.

"I LOVE this scent," tweeted the 47-year-old, who adopted a little girl, Gemma Rose, in 2010.

The limited-edition perfume oil (touted as an ancient love potion) was launched in New York and Australia last year by Australian fashion photographer Russell James (famous for his work as the main photographer for Victoria's Secret), who started Nomad Two Worlds to develop and promote the careers of indigenous artists and raise awareness of social issues.

Among the celebrities showing their support for the organisation is Kendall Jenner, younger sister of Kim Kardashian, who was photographed by James in January in the West Australian outback for an art project.


Russell says he was grateful for the praise from Davis about the fragrance, which is worn to attract like-minded individuals.

Davis is again looking for love after her relationship with Sorkin, who wrote the script for the film The Social Network and is behind TV series The Newsroom, cooled in late 2012.

She leads a busy life working and caring for her daughter.

An insider told The National Inquirer that the never-married Davis "has been single for a long time and is extremely independent", and has trouble compromising in serious relationships.

Play's a home crowd

Claudia Karvan could be among the Australian cast of a coming theatre production from the US about bullying and sexual abuse.

The play, Anaconda, received rave reviews when it premiered in Hollywood last year and director Sarah Doyle is bringing it Down Under in November. ‘‘It’s a dream for me to present this work to an Australian audience,’’ the Sydney-born Doyle told S from LA.

The play was inspired by the scandal that engulfed Sydney’s Trinity Grammar School in 2001 when four year 10 boarders were charged with several counts of sexual assault.

Doyle says a new all-Australian cast will be involved in the Sydney production, which will be performed at Tamarama Rock Surfers’ Bondi Pavilion theatre inNovember.

Actor Kate Mulvany, who recently filmed a role in Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby, has been approached, and Doyle will discuss opportunities with Karvan and actor Dan Wyllie.

Doyle says although the subject matter of the play is ‘‘heavy’’, she received great feedback from American audiences last year, who told her how cathartic the play was for them.

‘‘It is astounding just how manypeople were abused as children – whether by peers or by adults – but keep silent about it,’’ she says.

As part of the Australian production, Doyle will encourage schools to bring secondary students to see it and will conduct anti-bullying theatre workshops following matinee shows.

Joy, but not by the bundle

Feminists around the country are unlikely to be impressed: singer Ricki-Lee Coulter believes having a baby means giving up one’s career, ambitions and dreams.

‘‘I watch all my aunties who gave up their dreams and ambitions to be a mum,’’ she tells Grazia magazine in the issue on sale Monday.

As such, Coulter, who is planning her wedding to personal trainer Richard Harrison, vows she won’t have children because her profession is her priority.

‘‘I’m not saying you can’t be a mum and successful, but I have a good relationship with my aunties and they’ve been honest. As much as they love their kids, they regret not doing what they wanted to do.
‘‘I don’t even know where I am going to be living in six months, so I can’t imagine bringing a kid into that. And I am very selfish, I have to be for mycareer.’’

Looking fit and svelte, the 27-year-old credits her husband-to-be with helping her lose 30 kilos.
She also relies on him to choose what she wears and style her.

‘‘Over the past three years, I have started to change and appreciate fashion. Rich is definitely behind my style revolution.

‘‘He loves fashion! When I put something on, I don’t really want anyone’s opinion but his,’’ she tells Grazia.

The songstress, who heads to Japan in February to perform, is giving little away regarding her wedding plans. She has walked down the aisle before when she married her childhood sweetheart, Jamie Babbington, in 2007, but the pair divorced after just a year.

Manu L-plates up

The tables have turned on chef and MyKitchen Rules judge Manu Feildel.

The French chef has been spotted behind the wheel of a silver four-wheel-drive, sporting learner plates.
‘‘How funny is that,’’ he tells S.

‘‘It’s been my New Year’s resolution for many years.’’

With his son Jonti turning eight yesterday, Feildel says he realised he needed a car to ferry his son to sporting commitments and on outings.

The 39-year-old has been getting in plenty of learner hours in recent weeks as he takes a well-earned break from the intense filming of the fourth series of MyKitchen Rules, which kicks off on January 28 on Channel Seven.

‘‘My PA has been driving with me and also my step-dad, who is on holidays at the moment,’’ he says.

As for the latest series of My Kitchen Rules, he says contestants endure tougher hurdles than in previous seasons of the show.

‘‘There is a lot of money to win so we make it tough,’’ he says. ‘‘We have bigger characters this year.

There’s a lot more travelling and the challenges are a lot harder. We’re really pushing the boundaries.’’
While Feildel knows who wins the series, his lips aresealed.

For the moment, his focus is on the road — he hopes to get his full licence before his 40th birthday at the end of March.