L'Wren Scott with Mick Jagger.

L'Wren Scott with Mick Jagger. Photo: Getty

Mick Jagger is reportedly not coping with the death of former model and designer L'Wren Scott.

Band mate, Charlie Watts told MailOnline that Jagger has been left “dazed and unwell” following the death of his long-term girlfriend.

“He's holding up. He's okay,” Watts said, but then added: “He's not really well. He's not really here. It was such a shock.”

The 49-year-old fashion designer was found dead in her New York apartment on Monday, and police are treating the death as not suspicious.

Jagger was in Australia at the time, about to embark a tour of Australia and New Zealand with the Rolling Stones.

Reports reveal Jagger learned of Scott’s deaths while having dinner at a Perth restaurant and the 70-year-old frontman has not slept since. 

The drummer’s comment came after the last pictures of the couple emerged of them wandering along Chelsea Harbour on the banks of the Thames.

Obituaries, rumours, analyses of her finances and questions about her metal state have abounded since news of her apparent suicide emerged. Here is a round up of some of the stories.

What will happen to her label?

Scott's company LS Fashion Ltd is more than $6 million in debt, a fact that, according to news and gossip columns, played a major part in her decision to take her own life. Whatever the case may actually be, there is certainly a big question mark hanging over the brand, as the New York Post reports.

Fans of Scott's brand have apparently been rushing to stores to buy the designer's clothing. At Barneys in New York several of her most popular lines have been sold out since Monday, according to a sales assistant at the store.

No one has confirmed what will happen to the label, which is popular with celebrities including Nicole Kidman, Christina Hendricks and Madonna.

Tributes, anecdotes, stories and gossip

Celebrity friends of the former stylist took to Twitter to share their condolences and grief. Bianca Jagger, Bette Midler, Olivia Wilde and Selma Blair are just a handful of stars who have expressed their grief publicly.

Mick Jagger also made a public tribute to his “lover and best friend” on Facebook, saying he is struggling to come to terms with her death.

Jagger's spokesperson tried to squash rumours of relationship troubles between the couple early on, saying “of course” the pair were still in a relationship.

Unfortunately that hasn't stopped a number of media outlets speculating on the health of the relationship Scott had with Jagger and her family.

New York Daily News interviewed Scott's former maid Lupe Montufar, who "opened up" about Scott's relationship with Jagger. She says Scott “sacrificed a lot”, giving up dreams of marriage and children to be with the 70-year-old rock star.

The Daily Mail interviewed Scott's older sister Jan Shane who says the former model “envied” her and paints a picture of a very distant family relationship. It also reports that a “source close to the Rolling Stones” says Scott attempted suicide a month ago, and alleges an Instagram post hinted at her death.

Scott's Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts have all been deleted.

A Guardian journalist has ripped into tabloid media for their coverage, saying “it's as if the intense public debate about media ethics over the last three years never happened”.

Joan Smith says the editors of media organisations including the Daily Mirror and the Daily Star in the UK have behaved with a “callous disregard for grief” by publishing photographs of a clearly distraught Mick Jagger, allegedly "moments" after he learnt of the death.

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