Women's Day cover.

'James recently told mates, 'I'm seeing Miranda Kerr','' WD reports. Photo: Woman's Day.

Woman's Day's ''exclusive'' on Miranda Kerr and James Packer's ''secret dating'' apparently stems from one sentence. ''James recently told mates, 'I'm seeing Miranda Kerr','' WD reports.

Magwatch hates to be a wet flannel about the whole ''Miracker'' romance but wonders if his comment was heard mistakenly.

Could Packer, hanging out with some billionaire pals, have been discussing who could launch his $1.5 million Barangaroo casino resort?

Lara Bingle .

Bingle's bod: The model claims that photos of her published by Famous magazine have been manipulated. Photo: Cleo/ Georges Anton

And, pausing to think of hot supermodels, murmured: ''I'm seeing Miranda Kerr.''

Or maybe, after a walk, he came back muttering about ''seeing Miranda Kerr'' on bus stop ads, bus sides, shop windows, magazine covers and roadside hoardings?

These days we are all ''seeing Miranda Kerr''.

On that basis, Magwatch would like to say that it is ''seeing George Clooney'' - even if we are just observing abundant ads for a coffee brand.

Famous has an open letter to Lara Bingle, explaining its reasons for publishing images of the model with apparent cellulite on her thighs. Bingle says the images have been manipulated. Famous says they have not. Bingle says the mag ''is a disgrace''. Famous says ''this was an opportunity to embrace and promote a realistic body image''.

When will Cellulitegate end? Will Bingle's thighs appear before the High Court one day?

We expect a Law & Order episode about the controversy. It could be called Fleshy Truths. Or Lardy Gams. Famous also reports Khloe Kardashian's husband Lamar Odom is demanding '$US10 million or I'll release our sex tape'.

While noting Famous' single quote marks around the demand, not double ones (the gossip magazine industry's crafty way of publishing 'quotes' that were never uttered), Magwatch is further perplexed.

Is there a famous person who does not have a sex tape? Does this behaviour stretch back to celebrities of yore?

Next week, the silent sex tapes of Buster Keaton, in which the sad-eyed star gives a horse in a hat a bunch of flowers before falling unexpectedly into a ditch. Phwoarrr!