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Newton branded 'Australia's Charlie Sheen'

The Miami Herald believes troubled Australian actor Matthew Newton is the Charlie Sheen of Australia.

Newton will face a Miami court on May 11 after allegedly battering a desk clerk at Courtyard Marriott Hotel, after he became frustrated when he struggled to get a signal on his mobile phone on April 17.

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CCTV of Newton incident

Matthew Newton is seen punching and hounding hotel staff on CCT, and a Miami based officer outlines the actor's misdeeds.

"Australian bad-boy actor Matthew Newton accused of punching Miami hotel clerk," said the headline in the local paper.

"The 35-year-old Newton might not be well known Up Here, but Down Under he's shaping up as the Charlie Sheen/Sean Penn/Robert Downey Jr. of Australia," the Herald said.

Sheen was dropped from his role in Two and a Half Men following reports of alcohol and drug abuse, marital problems and allegations of domestic violence.

Back in Miami, police charged Newton, 35, with battery and resist arrest without violence after the alleged early morning attack, which was captured on security cameras.


Newton, who suffers from bipolar and obsessive compulsive disorder, relocated to the US on the advice of his psychiatrists who said "he would not survive" in Australia.

The latest police report also said that the actor was under the influence of alcohol.

"He apparently got ticked at the dead air — and then went ballistic on a hotel employee," the Herald said.

The site of a Miami police station is not foreign to the troubled actor. He was a guest there 11 days earlier when he was accused of trespassing and resisting an officer at Mr Moe's Restaurant, 3131 Commodore Plaza.

According to a police report, Newton was told various times to leave the premises but he kept coming back.

"He started to scream and cursed out the cop, according to the report. He is scheduled to be at court for that alleged offence on May 15," the newspaper report said.

Meanwhile, Newton's father Bert has expressed support for his son after his latest brush with the law.

The entertainment great said Matthew had the support of his family and they remained hopeful the actor could get his life back on track. He said he had kept in close contact with his son in recent days.

''We're getting through it. It's been going on for a fair while now, but we're strong people … we're pretty positive people … and I'm sure it's still possible there will be a happy ending,'' Bert Newton said.

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