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Party of the week

The Swifts mansion is spooky. Maybe the castle-like turrets in the $60 million property have taken on the sadness of the Moran family, their son Brendan’s suicide and the massive family feud that was only healed this year. Maybe that’s why the 30 Days of Fashion launch lit it up with  movie-sized floodlights.

Once inside, the ballroom was headily perfumed with massive, extravagant floral arrangements and more floodlights and scrims. Maybe it wasn’t to scare away ghosts in the corners, maybe it was to make sure the 200 guests were lit flatteringly.

Guests openly admitted their obsession for  British ‘‘It’’ girl Alexa Chung and at S we agree. She didn’t disappoint, with a cute, self-deprecating chat to the crowd, even forgetting who designed her top.

‘‘It’s an Australian designer! I picked it myself – oh, this is awkward!’’

Deborah Thomas tried to look at the label but she was no help: ‘‘Oh, I need my glasses.’’ (For the record it was Miss Unkon).

Later a painting rolled up to reveal Chung’s DJ box and she started off with Kylie Minogue’s Better the Devil You Know. Hmm, devil. Spooky.