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Moet Ice Imperial Sunset Cruise, Sydney Harbour

After miserable rainy weather on Monday, the wine gods chose to smile upon Tuesday's Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial Sunset Cruise. On a perfect summer evening, guests dressed in the ''white chic'' theme piled on to the waiting vessel, the Ariston. Champagne wasn't the only thing poured; I had poured myself into a pair of white jeans, with the unfortunate result of looking like a plus-sized Elizabeth Hurley. But a few glasses in and I was over the shame. It was so pleasant on the top deck, one guest declared, ''Even if the boat doesn't leave, this is awesome.''

But set sail we did, taking in the serene harbour while sipping champagne and listening to funky tunes. Moet is promoting its new Ice wine as the drink of summer. Created to be drunk in oversized goblets filled with ice cubes and garnished with fruit, it resembles a sweet champagne cocktail. A do-it-yourself garnish bar on the boat offered fresh raspberries, lychees, strawberries, lime wedges, cucumber slivers, grapefruit segments and mint leaves.

Guests tried different taste combinations and a quick poll decided the raspberry and lychee combo was the winner, followed closely by the tangy grapefruit and cucumber. As we sailed under the Harbour Bridge, guests such as actresses Krew Boylan, Pia Miranda and picture-perfect couple Nikki Phillips and Dane Rumble kept a wide stance as the boat swayed. At least, I think it was the boat. The many glasses of bubbles might have played a part.

Shelly Horton is editor-at-large plus a regular on Channel Seven's Sunrise, The Morning Show and Weekend Sunrise.