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Fourth annual Rolling Stone Awards Beach Road Hotel, Bondi

Let's face it. At the Rolling Stone do on Wednesday, no one was there for the awards.

Hundreds of musicians wearing their obligatory black get-up skulked around the top floor of Bondi's Beach Road Hotel looking as if they had been dragged through the dirt. Roaming in packs of four, bands congregated with other bands before slinking away, while mere non-musician mortals – also dressed in black – looked on in awe.

Luckily for the pale, vampire-esque musos in the room, the normally bright venue had been darkened to make it feel more like a cosy lair, as small hamburgers were dispersed rapidly through the crowd.

Taking the party scene to a new level, Bondi Ink was offering free tattoos. Yes, you read it right. People getting free tattoos in a pub. During the night, 44 punters became permanently inked. One man was even spied getting a tattoo of the logo of the tequila company sponsoring the event. A guest who requested a compass tattooed on her side was told it was "too complicated" and had to settle for a measly swallow bird. But she had a 40-minute wait and a disapproving boyfriend to contend with.

Away from the tattoo stand, beers, tequila and ciders were consumed at an alarming rate by other tattoo-sleeved cool cats.

The organisers of the award, in its fourth year, had apparently invited 1200 people, only to "uninvite" some guests at the last minute when they realised the venue had a capacity of 800. Fortunately, musicians are a flaky breed and only 600 showed up. But members of Australia's music royalty – including Jimmy Barnes, Tex Perkins, and music promoter Michael Gudinski – were there to lend their support.

By 10pm things started to get messy. A rowdy mortal fell on the "ice luge" being used for shots. "We neeeeeeeed security!" the horrified, scantily dressed promo girl said to her colleague, as the bands continued to roam, unsteadily, around the Bondi den.

Oh, and Tame Impala won the major award for album of the year. Gudinski received the annual Rolling Stone Award for outstanding contribution to popular culture.Sarah Whyte

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