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The Bachelor Sam Wood sorry for offensive 'gay' slur but denies making it

Sam Wood says he's "deeply sorry" for an "offensive comment" posted to his official Facebook account that he claims he did not make.

On the former Bachelor Australia's social network page that has over 26,700 fans, a recipe post for "Snez's Kickstarter Smoothie" went live that contained a homophobic insult.

"When Snez isn't in Melbourne with me, I like to make her favourite smoothie to remind me of her. You can call me gay if you want, but I'll go with cute," it read.

Two hours later, the post was edited to remove the line in the tribute recipe for his fiance Snezana Markoski​, but it can still be viewed in Facebook's "View Edit History" section.

Almost 12 hours after the post, the 35-year-old took to the page to apologise and explain that although he scheduled it, "it was added to before going out with a very offensive comment."


"This is a comment that was not approved by me and I certainly would never make. As soon as I saw the post go live, I noticed the inappropriate comment and made sure it was removed straight away, which it was," he said.

"I am so embarrassed and deeply sorry for any offense​ [sic] caused and assure you all that this person is clearly out of touch with my views and the positive messaging I'm about.

"All appropriate steps have been taken to ensure this will not happen again," Wood continued.

Most commenters took the comment and apology in their stride, but some wanted to know if the reality TV star was even looking after his social media accounts.

Michelle Van Den Bogaart asked: "If you didn't post the smoothie post yourself, Did you even write this post then?... It's one thing to follow an idol on Facebook it's another to realise it's his media team doing it all for him. What's the point in following."

But the personal trainer admitted to needing some help as he manages his growing businesses.

"I manage my own Facebook but with my new fitness app there is a team that helps with any food or training related posts," he replied.

Relationship goals

Meanwhile, long distance will be a thing of the past for Wood and Markoski after the pair announced they bought a home, worth an estimated $1.4 million, together in Melbourne. 

Just a month after getting engaged, Wood shared the news on Instagram on Sunday, hashtagging "#family #fiance #future" in the caption.

"So ... the most incredible woman I've ever met and I just bought this beautiful little house," he gushed to his 187,000 followers. 

​The three-bedroom family home in Melbourne has enough room for the couple, Markoski's 10-year-old daughter Eve, as well as a spare room for any visitors.

They had been commuting from opposite ends of the country since The Bachelor finale last September, but it seems the mother-of-one will leave her hometown of Perth for Tasmania-born Wood's Melbourne. 

Rumour has it the lovebirds will be hitched on television – the very place their love blossomed – and it is something the couple have not ruled out.

"I don't know, maybe," Wood told Fairfax Media recently, "It would have to be under the right circumstances, but really it's Snez's decision."