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The Goss: A Dash of glamour

S can exclusively reveal that Kimye — as the baby of superstar couple Kim and Kanye has already been labelled — will be a stylishly dressed baby displaying his-or-her mother’s famous chic and sophisticated look, according to the Aussie designer and fashion entrepreneur Bruno Schiavi. He should know.

He has, after all, been discussing the finer details of baby booties and romper suits with the reality star for more than six months, drawing up her favourite colours and styles for a Kardashian Kollection line of childrens wear, including shoes, bags and accessories, to be launched later this year. Her taste, he says, is ‘‘much like herself: timeless and chic ... Kim is all about classic whites and neutrals ... Think Ralph Lauren, Ted Baker and Gucci babies, that’s who Kim looks towards.’’

Schiavi also revealed Kim, Khloe and Kourtney will be back in Australia soon.

‘‘I’m bringing the girls back to Sydney mid-year, like we did with all three of them in London, which should be a lot of fun. We are expanding the collection in Australia more which is already stocked in DJs, Equip and Strandbags,’’ says the man who hails from the inner-west and is the business brain behind Delta Goodrem’s lingerie collection, Priscilla Presley’s homeware collection and Dr Rey’s shapewear.

Schiavi says the  sisters are shooting their upcoming spring/summer 2013 campaign of brights at the end of January in LA, where the label is stocked in Sears, as as well as a TV commercial. No looks have been changed, despite Kim’s growing body shape.

Schiavi, who slipped back into Sydney for Christmas and is now holidaying in Thailand, says he was one of the first on the phone to congratulate Kim, whom he describes as incredibly focused and hard working: ‘‘She’ll make such a great mum, she’s so maternal. She’s crazy about kids.’’


Admitting their arrival in Sydney would be around Kim’s mid-June due date, Schiavi says the sisters — who will launch a hosiery program in Bras’N’Things when they are here, among other appearances — are always committed to work, no matter what is going on in their lives.

With Kim due to give birth in June, Schiavi says the kids line will launch in October.

‘‘The great thing about working with these girls is they always have something amazing going on in their lives!’’ Schiavi says.

Sophie's diva move

It’s not just champagne linking US diva Mariah Carey and Aussie actor Sophie Monk, who were both invited to the New Year’s Eve bash at Jupiters Hotel and Casino at the Gold Coast on Monday night.

The two have a real estate bond. Monk, a Gold Coast native, is living in Carey’s old house in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles, where she lives when she’s not visiting Australia. Carey lived there three years ago with her husband,  America’s Got Talent host Nick Cannon.

Chatting to S at the singer’s first Australian concert at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, Monk joked she was planning to deliver Carey some of her old mail: ‘‘I can’t believe I live in the house she lived in only a few years ago. It’s surreal!’’

Monk has long been a fan of the singer. As a girl with a big voice, dreaming of stardom while she paid her rent singing at Dreamworld, Carey was her idol, she told S.

‘‘I had to come to the show because the little girl in me would never have believed I would have had the opportunity to see Mariah Carey in concert.’’

Monk, who is filming two television shows in the US and co-hosting Sea FM summer breakfast radio in Surfers Paradise, was given tickets to Tuesday night’s concert by Carey’s manager and fellow American Idol judge Randy Jackson.

Monk met Jackson through Idol host Ryan Seacrest, whom she briefly dated several years ago.

They were seen greeting each other in the audience affectionately and tweeting pics with each other.

Jackson dined with Carey and her husband at the Sea Temple’s Seaduction Restaurant in Surfers Paradise, where she ate grade 9 wagyu beef prepared by executive chef Steve Szabo.

Carey flew into Sydney on Wednesday night before her Thursday night show and her twins, Moroccan and Monroe, were seen with minders at Darling Harbour’s Sydney Aquarium.

The super-cute pair were wheeled out on stage during the Gold Coast concert, where mummy got them to talk into the microphone, introducing them as Roc and Roe and laughing: ‘‘It’s bedtime. Night night – I love you, kiss mummy.’’

Eat healthily, for Pete's sake

The revelation of his fondness for ‘‘activated almonds’’ sparked intense debate and a torrent of Twitter teasing for My Kitchen Rules celebrity chef Peter Evans (mind you, it was the emu meatballs that had me intrigued), but in hindsight, the controversy couldn’t have been better planned.

The Bondi boy opened a new organic shop last week, BU Organics, with his personal food guru, Pete Melov.
‘‘The business has great word-of-mouth at the moment. I met my business partner at his shop in Oxford Street, Suveran Market, which is food I love, and I found him and his philosophy inspiring. He’s the healthiest-looking 49-year-old I know, he walks the walk and talks the talk,’’ Evans says.

‘‘The books I love and the philosophy of life he has, we just struck up a friendship and it’s a beautiful thing to join forces and open something together,’’ Evans says of Melov.

The duo have started their work in the canteen at Bondi Public School, where Evans’s children go. They plan on expanding to more public schools in the area. Getting kids to eat more healthily, with chemical-free food in 100 schools by year’s end across the nation, is the ultimate aim.

‘‘That’s our goal, to educate the younger generation about eating healthy food,’’ Evans says.
Evans, who is studying nutrition and was vegan for four years, says eating healthily has always resonated with him.

‘‘I want to focus on health and nutrition using my experience and profile. I love learning and teaching – it’s a really nice cycle for me. I don’t have the answers but I plan on finding them.’’

Love, honour and evade

And the bride wore ... an umbrella! It has become the wedding fashion statement of the summer, as celebrity brides hide from prying lenses on their big days to guard the security of exclusive magazine deals paying top bucks. And don’t they look miserable in the process.

Whether it be an umbrella, a sheet, a tablecloth or a frown on show, there’s clearly a downside to these battles for privacy to keep the magazine lawyers happy. Some couples are missing out on the spontaneity of just looking  relaxed and happy on their big day.

Most blossoming brides get to put their make-up on, slip into the dress  and walk down the aisle armed with little more than a smile, perfume and a floral bouquet. Flashing bulbs are welcomed.

Not so for a celebrity bride. There are lawyers and deals to be made months in advance. Security teams to orchestrate. Managers to shuffle them around. Umbrellas to be wielded and tablecloths to be wrapped in.
The mere flash of a bridal gown can cost mega-bucks. The watertight magazine contract signed in advance deducts dollars for being exposed.

Swimwear model and summer stone-fruit ambassador Rachael Finch followed the keep-everything-under-wraps trend when she wed her Russian-born ballroom dancing partner Michael Miziner on Thursday afternoon at a private mansion in Woollahra.

The stunning Spanish-style location, overlooking Bellevue Hill,  had limited access to the public via a laneway and could only be seen from the air. Though S managed to snoop a look at the wedding pews being set up for the service hours before the ceremony, when the bride arrived she hid under an umbrella in her car so as not to be snapped by paparazzi who had unknowingly beaten a path to her door while chasing Mariah Carey and her twins.

Finch and Miziner are among a fleet of celebrities tying the knot this summer in Sydney. It started with sparkly frock designer Rachel Gilbert and celebrity chippie Tom Williams, whose bid to protect an exclusive with OK!  magazine had them splashed on the front pages of newspapers across the nation looking miserable under a sheet.

Home and Away stars Rebecca Breeds and Luke Mitchell are also due to marry, and footballer Benji Marshall is set to wed this weekend in Byron Bay – expect their wedding albums soon on a newsagent shelf near you.

The wedding of Home and Away’s Dan Ewing to Marni Little a few weeks ago was also shrouded in secrecy – photos showed the groom looking glum, cranky and moody and the bride covered by a sheet and umbrellas.
What price happiness on your big day?

Finch and Miziner’s official happy snaps will be on view in next week’s New Idea.

Back-to-back beats

And you think Leonardo and his boys had a hectic New Year’s Eve with their jet-setting antics?  (They left Canberra Airport at 2.54am local time to arrive in Las Vegas at 9.20pm and do the fireworks all over again.)

Aussie DJs Stafford Brothers managed to play four shows in 24 hours over the champagne period, with a gig on December31 in the afternoon at Summadayze in Adelaide, then that night at the Met, Brisbane, before a New Year’s Day party at Coolangatta on the Gold Coast followed by Summadayze in Melbourne in the evening of January1. Phew.

Chris and Matt Stafford, who recently moved to the US on the back of their reality TV series on Fox8, have arrived back in Australia for 40shows in 60days. After the hectic four-performance day, they flew up to Byron Bay and played at LaLaLand.

But it was Christmas on the Goldie with their parents that meant the most to them. ‘‘We call it ‘Trish the dish Tuesdays’,’’ the boys told S last week. ‘‘It’s mum’s signature day and she cooks an amazing meal and all our friends come around and hang out at our parents’ house.’’

Matt also got to spend time with his girlfriend of seven years, Brooke Evers, also a DJ. The couple clearly have the long-distance thing down pat.

In a big year, the party boys have signed to Cash Money Records (which also has Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Drake and  others  on the label) in the US, where they recently released the single Hello, featuring Lil Wayne and Christina Milian.