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Urban played it a bit too cool

NICOLE Kidman has revealed it took Keith Urban four months to call her after they first met.

She might have been a world famous Oscar-winning actor at the time, but Kidman has laughingly admitted she didn’t think Urban was interested in her at all, during a television appearance in the States on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

‘‘I’’m like ‘you didn’t love me at first sight, you didn’t notice me’ and he’s like ‘Yes I did but I just didn’t let on’ but we kind of met and then about four months later he called me,’’ Kidman said on program, in a transcript revealed by British newspaper Daily Mail.

Clearly surprised the romance was such a slow-burner, DeGeneres said ‘Four months later? That’s really playing it cool to wait that long.’’

Kidman responded ‘‘Yeah that’s a long time. That’s why I’m like ‘you didn’t really like me when you first met me’. He said he had other things to take care [of] . . . guys, right? Men.’’

The couple have, of course, since married and have two children Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret.

Kidman and Urban are currently based in Nashville but are expected to be in Los Angeles on the red carpet for the Golden Globe Awards tomorrow morning (Australian time). Kidman is nominated in two categories - the Best Supporting Actress category for her film role in The Paperboy and Best Actress in a mini-series or motion picture made for television for Hemingway and Gellhorn.