Jennifer Aniston

Hot gossip ... Jennifer Aniston. Photo: Getty Images

JEN'S got a boob job! Kyle's in love again! Keith strips! Mila's baby news! It's a bumper week in the glossies this week, with the summer season of celebrity shenanigans in full swing … and, naturally, the requisite dose of Tom Cruise news.

But first, of course, it's Jennifer Aniston's ''impressive new cleavage'' that Famous has the ''exclusive'' on, comparing pics of Jen in two very different dresses and leaping to the conclusion that she must have gone under the knife. ''

With her assets proudly on show,'' Famous says, Jen attended a film event. It's because she's getting married soon, they surmise, and you know the old saying: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Some New Boobs.

Strangely, OK has the same pic and is running it next to a shot of her from years ago where she looks identical, but where's the headline in that? As for Kyle Sandilands, he's apparently found love again with a mystery woman who prefers to stay out of the spotlight. ''She's not the sort of person who wants me to piggyback her onto the red carpet,'' he tells OK, which is a pity; the photos of that would have been fun. Not as much fun as the pics they ran of him inhaling a watermelon, but still.

Mila Kunis? Well she is either pregnant or actually ate some carbs for a change because her stomach is not quite flat in a pic Famous found. She ''could be approaching her second trimester'' they say hopefully. And then there's Keith Urban, who this week proved to the world he's definitely an Aussie by going for a swim in a pair of budgie smugglers.

''We always dreamed … about what Keith was hiding under those V-necked T-shirts on The Voice,'' Woman's Day insists, ''Last week the dad-of-two put us out of our misery by stripping down to a pair of Speedos''. But, of course, it all pales into insignificance when we get to the latest news from Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, which is (according to NW) that they're getting back together.

Tom phoned Katie, NW claims, to chat about their daughter Suri, but somehow segued from ''I'll take her to the park on Tuesday'' to ''How about we get back together?'' Katie laughed it off, they swear: ''But now that he's put it out there, she's trying to figure out if it's where she wants to go.'' If Woman's Day is right, the answer is probably no.

Tom's already found a new love, they reckon, and she looks a lot like Holmes. So much in fact, they've gone so far as to declare actor Lana Parrilla is ''a clone!''. Just when we thought this story couldn't get any better.