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What the gossip mags say this week

THERE are times in every publicist's life when a match-up of their stars works so well they are moved to tears. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie becoming Brangelina for example, ditto with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, aka TomKat.

But spare a thought for the poor flacks from The Hunger Games, which features two characters destined for love, Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark. As much as they tried to divert our attention, there in Who this week is a film fan sporting their worst nightmare, a T-shirt with the slogan: ''I Love PeeNiss''. Star Josh Hutcherson has been forced to admit yep, that's his celebrity couple nickname.

''People like to combine names,'' he shrugged. Still, as Who says, it could have been worse. ''It's better than KatPee''. Moving right along, or as NW chooses to scream this week ''News Just In!'', it seems ''stick-thin stars are resorting to alarming fads''. This is news? Yes, sadly it is. ''Courtney Cox is replacing meals with Dr Pepper soda'' they reveal.

''Mischa Barton eats just four salad leaves for lunch'' and ''Kate Bosworth is fixated on chewing gum,'' to the point where she has a climate-controlled gum locker at home. This is indeed alarming. But what's the bet there's a follow-up story before long: ''The Gum Diet: Chew Yourself Thin'' plus a DIY special on making your own chewie cupboard?

Meanwhile, away from the food habits of the rich and weird, poor Dannii Minogue has split with her partner Kris Smith, an event that is being handled with predictable tact. They broke up, New Idea reveals, because of the ''huge career sacrifices'' she made … ''all in vain''.

NW says it's ''the curse of the talent show judge'' and Who has no reference to the split, but a large pic of Dannii at a party, looking (justifiably) like she's about to burst into tears. It was hardly the nicest shot of poor Dannii to include in their annual Most Beautiful People edition.

All the usual suspects were there, with Miranda Kerr on the cover and the brothers Hemsworth gurning it up inside, but most interesting was the fact Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston made the cut, sitting just four pages apart, while Mrs Pitt was a no show.

What does Who know? Not much probably and besides, for our money the most beautiful face in the whole mag would have to be that of the penguin wearing Dame Edna glasses as part of a laser eye surgery ad on page 133.

It's ridiculously absurd, which sums up the whole idea of labelling any one person more beautiful than another. And yes, we are miffed we didn't get a mention. Again.