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Nigella Lawson's Christmas cost-cutting tips

Domestic goddess Nigella Lawson has shared some foodie tips on how to enjoy Christmas during tight economic times.

The television cook and author of How To Be A Domestic Goddess said families should forego electrical items "they don't need", and opt instead for useful gifts of chutney and spices.

"With presents, a lot of people spend money they can't afford giving people presents they don't need, so actually some chutney, or vanilla sugar for people who don't want to cook, is fantastic," Lawson told British newspaper The Times.

When it comes to the traditional Christmas meal, Lawson said there is also room for cutbacks.

"There are so many little side dishes at Christmas that the meat you need is not huge," she said, suggesting a smaller size bird for the festive feast.

"Meat tends to be the most expensive part of any catering.


During the same interview the 51-year-old denied reports that she is dieting and attributed her fluctuating weight to work demands.

"I'm always exhausted and eat rather than sleep," she said.

"Some people put on weight under stress and some people lose it. I've never lost weight (when stressed) so if I'm having a really busy year, I puff up a bit and go down a bit."

Body weight aside, Lawson admitted she would be her usual "greedy pig" self at Christmas.

"Eating is a great joy in life. One's got to make sure it does give happiness."

On Christmas day Lawson plans to serve turkey with red sauce, cranberry sauce, gravy, gingerbread stuffing and chestnuts, followed by two Christmas puddings.



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