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Wine review: Robert Stein Riesling, 2014, Mudgee

Robert Stein Riesling, 2014 Mudgee $35

Well, spring is here and although a few cooler days may intervene, warmer weather is becoming the more likely scenario from now on. That makes me feel like putting the reds away soon and focusing on whites. Riesling is a favourite, I love its vibrant perfume and lime, citrus backbone. A little sweetness can work as well but it's the drier styles that I look to most often.

Some years ago the wines of Mudgee dropped off the radar but names like Lowe, Peter Logan and Robert Stein are working to redress this. Riesling appears to work in Mudgee; both Lowe and Robert Stein have made some impressive rieslings in recent years.

This 2014 riesling from Robert Stein is delicious, packed with juicy green apple and ripe lime flavours. There's a gorgeous white blossom riesling aroma and the finish is dry enough although I do detect a little sweet fruit fleshing out the mid palate, but it's in balance and the wine is still dry.

If you are looking for a new region or variety to explore this spring, Mudgee is worth a look and the Robert Stein riesling is a great place to start.

* Fergus McGhie is marketing manager at Mount Majura Winery in Canberra.