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Dale Stevenson - shot put

It takes a lot of eating to help shot putter Dale Stevenson maintain his 130-kilogram bulk through three hours of daily training. The Olympic-bound field athlete, 24, has been throwing for 10 years, taking home a bronze medal in the 2010 Commonwealth Games. London will be his first Olympics.

Breakfast: Ten Weet-Bix with skim milk, banana and juice.

Mid-morning: A macchiato and some kind of pastry to tide me over.

Lunchtime: Four sandwiches of chicken or tuna with some salad or a big bowl of pasta with chicken or mince. Naturally I sit around the 90-kilo weight mark so I tend to eat three or four times more than a normal person would to keep that extra weight on. I wouldn't say eating is a chore but if I haven't eaten for two or three hours you need to become more aware of eating again.

Mid-afternoon: Another macchiato and some nuts or fruit. Maybe another pastry.

Post-training: A protein shake.


Dinner: Rice or a curry. But I might just have stirfry or salad. Something lighter. I take in most of my daily needs during the day.

Average weekly food bill: Around $250. And that's not eating anything fancy. It's an investment you decide to make when you're a power athlete.

Guilty pleasure: Coffee and cake.

Healthy craving: Any kind of fruit smoothie.

Fridge essential: Milk and freshly squeezed juice.

Favourite cuisine: Pub fare. Good quality steaks. Stews. Casseroles.