PCOS help

Can acupuncture boost fertility and cool hot flushes?

Paula Goodyer Acupuncture shows promise for symptoms of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and menopause

'Battle acupuncture' used to heal concussed US soldiers in Afghanistan

Saeed Shah CAMP LEATHERNECK, Afghanistan: The US military is applying an ancient Chinese healing technique to the top modern battlefield injury for American soldiers, with results that doctors here say are...


Is meditation the perfect antidote to our tech-filled lives?

Nisha Lilia Diu As a major study finds meditation can be as effective as antidepressants in relieving anxiety, Nisha Lilia Diu takes part in a mindfulness class.

Road test

Paleo vs raw vs detox: Three extreme diets put to the test

SL - feb2
Radical Dieters

New year, new you - but how hard is it to embark on a radical health regimen? Three people put their bodies on the line.

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The buzz

Stock image of a young woman blowing her nose, sneeze, hayfever, cold, flu, sick, ill.

Lissa Christopher Acupuncture can reduce hay fever symptoms, new research shows.

Back ache

Dealing with lower back pain


It hurts and it affects almost every task you do, but effective treatment is here.

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Doctor's medicine

What would a GP do?


Amanda Sheppeard and David Brill The procedures GPs accept - and avoid.

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Weird science

Method to alternative medicine madness

Evidence of cupping therapy on the back of Chinese Olympic swimmer Wang Qun at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Luke Malone Cupping, leeches, urine therapy. Alternative therapies can be strange - but surprisingly effective.

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Chinese medicines mushroom due to disasters, speculation

Kelly Burke A TIBETAN fungus that feeds on the corpse of the caterpillar host it invades has become the latest victim of speculation on the Chinese market.

Body work

Massage: what's best for you?


Rachel Browne Shiatsu or Swedish, remedial or reflexology - what you need and why.

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Breeding success

How to boost your fertility


Emily Dunn Protect your reproductive health to give yourself the best chance of conceiving.

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Take the pressure off

lomi  lomi 

SHIATSU How it works

Mystery illness

What is acute morning sickness?

Generic pic of a pregnant woman with a man.

Linda McSweeny Up to 3 per cent of women suffer a debilitating - and sometimes fatal - reaction to pregnancy.

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Benefits to all from alternative therapies

Deborah Snow If you are taking fish oil to prevent heart disease, St John's Wort to manage mild depression or visiting an acupuncturist for back pain, you are doing your health - and the nation's finances - a...