Cinderella Tissue: the most critically ignored part of the body?

Sarah Berry We are literally surrounded by the stuff. Matrix-like, it wraps around all 600 muscles in the body connecting them to each other and to our bones.

Colon hydrotherapy: 'the most amazing thing' ever?

Woman's hands forming heart symbol on belly

Sarah Berry I am speaking with a woman about her first colonic, when she was 21. She tells me that she had blocked the pipe.

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Fitness trends 2014: Zumba not the HIIT the trendspotters thought

Dance Fitness

Sarah Berry This year it's all been about the twerk. At least it has been according to the most searched exercise terms on Google.

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Chaos and control

How stress can feed eating disorders

Peas food anorexia diet

Sarah Berry New evidence suggests eating disorders may be sparked by stress.

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Health rays

The great Aussie paradox: vitamin D deficiency rates soar

Woman beach sun summer umbrella sunglasses model

Sarah Berry We might live in the sunny country, but our deficiency in the so-called 'sunshine hormone', vitamin D, is worse than previously thought.

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Fighting fit and breaking down the fat

Tiffiny Hall

It is comforting to know that even the healthiest person still succumbs to cravings, and it is particularly encouraging to hear on the eve of swimsuit season.

Breathe easy

Every breath you take


Sarah Berry We take it for granted, but the way we breathe can affect our physical and emotional health, from burning more fat to giving us a six pack.

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Toxic shock

The sweet solution?


Sarah Berry Is stevia the sweet solution to the sugar 'problem'?

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Disaster diets

Worst diets of 2012

Little lemon puddings

Sarah Berry What made these three diets the biggest lemons of the year, according to dietitians around Australia?

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Holistic fitness

Meet the 'fitness whisperer'

Radley Spring

Amy Molloy Massages, buttery toast, long baths and less workouts... It sounds too good to be true, but Sydney's newest fitness guru says his regime can change your body.

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You're so vein

 IV drip.

Melissa Shedden The latest must-have procedure of the wellness-obsessed is a customised intravenous vitamin cocktail.

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Grey matters

Use it or lose it: train your brain for a healthy life

Coloured MRI Scan Of Human Brain  generic  
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Cassy Small More frightening than crow's feet is the fact our brains also deteriorate as we age.

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All pumped up to give illness the boot


Janet Hawley People with chronic health problems are discovering that there is a miracle drug that can help them. It's called exercise.


Stop being Mr Potatoheads, say new guidelines

Australians should have 40 per cent less starchy vegetables.

Mark Metherell Most adults would need to change their diets drastically to meet proposed Australian dietary guidelines.

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Dog ate my shoes


We all have reasons why we can't take better care of our bodies, whether it's time, our ''situation'', an old injury or that we don't know where to start.

Happy news

Cheer up, and that heart attack may never happen


Rebecca Smith in London Whether you are a glass half-full or half-empty person is a matter of life or death, according to Harvard scientists who found that those with a sunny disposition are far less likely to suffer heart...

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