Weight Watchers

The best diet is the one you stick to, study says

Sarah Berry Every year, nutrition experts battle it out to determine the 'best and worst' diets.

Sex and obesity

Lose weight for better sex


Matty Silver With obesity rates on the rise, the effects of being overweight have attracted increasing attention, but one aspect of this problem is too often overlooked - the impact on male sexual dysfunction.

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Counting kilojoules doesn't add up

counting calories

Sarah Berry We can all exercise our inner control freak by counting kilojoules. But at what cost?

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Fad diets play to our wish for a quick fix

fad diet

Amy Gray There's always someone in the office kitchen preparing the latest fad diet for lunch.

Fighting fit and breaking down the fat

Tiffiny Hall

It is comforting to know that even the healthiest person still succumbs to cravings, and it is particularly encouraging to hear on the eve of swimsuit season.

Salute the kernel


Paula Goodyer The message that nuts are a healthy food that can help lower bad LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol has been around for years.

Chew on this

Why nuts don't make you fat

Pistachio nuts

Paula Goodyer The paradox of nuts is that while they're loaded with fat, they don't make us fat.

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Weight-loss trade trims expectations

Jill Stark A new year: a new you. It's the diet industry's perennial catch cry. But as obesity rates continue to climb, weight-loss companies are rebranding their message.

Drinking culture

Lightweights Anonymous

Slow down ... how to counteract the binge-drinking culture.

Anna Warwick We live in a binge drinking culture and there's always a lightweight casualty or two.

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Testosterone problems

The trouble with men


Thea O'Connor Are unhealthy habits robbing men of testosterone?

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'Hedonic hunger'

Why we can't help finishing off the whole can of Pringles


Cherrill Hicks Scientists no longer blame the tendency to binge on high-fat, high-sugar foods on sheer greed or lack of self-control.


Jessica Simpson inspired to diet

Jessica Simpson

How Weight Watchers motivates its star spokesperson.

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Diet offender

'The obese have a mental problem'

Obese, overweight, diet.

Daisy Dumas The Frenchman behind the popular Dukan diet says that the overweight have a "mental problem".

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Rich pickings, fat or thin

Jill Stark JUNK food companies are making customers fat, then selling them the cure, health experts claim.

Weighty question

Good parenting or figure fascism?

Girl, child, teen, teenager, celery, diet, vegetables, obesity, obese, weight loss, nutrition.

Andrea Black There's a right way and a wrong way to help children lose weight.

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