The cold-pressed truth: juice cleanses to combat cocaine

Sarah Berry We power through our yoga, party at an equally accelerated pace and then furiously go on a fast. We want to have our activated almond nut mylk liquid cake and chew it at least 20 times.

Cocaine use by women in 20s soars

Women and Cocaine

Julie Robotham and Kate Hagan Young women's cocaine consumption has skyrocketed in the past three years - and the drug is most popular among educated, high-earning city dwellers, federal government statistics show.

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A day in the life of a food addict

Food addiction ... it's a very real thing.

Jennifer Garth It starts first thing in the morning. The moment you open your eyes you’re bombarded with food thoughts.

Smoking gun

Sweet assassin

Sugar. Afr. Generic. 051218. Pic by Michel O Sullivan. AFR FIRST USE. Pic shows sugar cubes and a spoon.    Michel O Sullivan/MAO SPECIALX 045547

Angus Holland Sugar is leaving a bad taste in the mouth of some food campaigners, who claim it’s an addictive health hazard. But does their argument have any bite?

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Killer high

Getting drunk without drinking

A dangerous diet:'smoking' alcohol.

Jessica Montague A trend overseas is seeing people 'smoking' alcohol to get high with fewer calories. But experts warn it's more dangerous than downing a glass or two. Here's why...

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Diet and disease: what's the link?

Vegetable Garden










Gardening Glove



Red Onion

Spring Onion

Carole Hungerford might be a GP, but she is not a fan of the way the business of medicine works. Not even close. ''Mainstream medicine is run by the drug companies.

Drug use falling out of favour among young Britons

LONDON: A generational shift away from drugs may be under way in Britain, addiction experts suggested, after figures showed illegal substances were declining in popularity among all age groups.

Myth conceptions

Fertility: facts v furphies

Generic pregnancy, childbirth pic.

Stress? Too much sex? WiFi waves? What's really stopping you from conceiving?

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