Chew On This on Caffeine

Can you find calm in a can?

Paula Goodyer After a tsunami of energy drinks, could relaxation drinks be the next wave?

Chew on this

Making up for lost time

Jetlag alarm bed time

Paula Goodyer Melatonin, sleeping pills, hydration: how to beat jetlag.

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Shedding light on jet lag

Paula Goodyer JHet lag is price you pay for an overseas trip - but you can reduce its effects

The Sleep Diet

Woman, alarm clock, sleep, sleeping, bed, morning, work.

Paula Goodyer How a good night's sleep can help keep your weight down.

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Can anything fix a hangover?

Generic pic of a woman with a cocktail, drinking, alcohol, party, night club, bar, maraschino cherries.

Paula Goodyer Fizzy drinks, fry ups - or just plain water? The verdict on hangover cures.

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Why coffee isn't bad for you


Paula Goodyer Is coffee bad for you? Not really is the verdict from a new book that helps make sense of nutrition claims.

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