Paula Goodyer

Allergy and asthma - is lack of fibre the culprit?


Paula Goodyer By altering the mix of microbes in the gut, too little fibre may be messing with our immune system

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Asthma comes first, not allergy, study finds

LONDON: Allergies are a consequence of asthma, not a cause of it, the largest genetic study of the condition has concluded.

Fermenting is the new food trend

Top trend: fermented foods.

Sarah Berry We are seeing a surge in popularity of this ancient food practice. This is why.

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The new blockbuster nutrient?

Spices and spoons

Sarah Berry The 'new' blockbuster nutrient is actually really old. There are some fairly audacious statements being made about the benefits of turmeric.

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Too clean for our own good?

Paula Goodyer A cleaner way of living has improved our health in some ways - but is it also messing with our immune systems?

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Not such a healthy choice

Diet drinks may not be so sweet for your health

soft drink

Sandy Smith You may think choosing a diet soft drink over a can of sugary fizz is a healthy choice. After all, they contain virtually no kilojoules right? Think again.


Yoga: why men don't get it

Yoga Man.

Despite its benefits, the poses and the chanting can be too much of a stretch for some males.

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Breathe easy

Every breath you take


Sarah Berry We take it for granted, but the way we breathe can affect our physical and emotional health, from burning more fat to giving us a six pack.

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Deep breath

Get some air

Siobhan Moylan Remember to breathe. Simple, yes? Yet in stressful situations it is possible to either forget to breathe - not good - or to over-breathe, leading to hyperventilation, which affects blood chemistry.

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Fun fitness

Aqua aerobics

Aqua aerobics

Charmaine Yabsley The benefits of making a splash will surprise you.

Diet and disease: what's the link?

Vegetable Garden










Gardening Glove



Red Onion

Spring Onion

Carole Hungerford might be a GP, but she is not a fan of the way the business of medicine works. Not even close. ''Mainstream medicine is run by the drug companies.

Chiropractic complaint

Millions spent on suspect treatment


Amy Corderoy The federal government has spent nearly $30 million over the past five years subsidising alternative medical treatments that are unproven for many conditions and could be dangerous to some patients.

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Sweet poison

Party drinks and the perilous spoon of sugar

Various soft drinks, Coke, Coca-Cola.

Mark Metherell There's sobering news for drinkers this Christmas, and that includes people who do not drink alcohol.

How to get rid of those voice-box wrinkles and breathe easier

Prof. Phil Bardin.

Kate Hagan AUSTRALIAN doctors will inject botox into the larynx of patients with severe asthma in an effort to relax muscle spasms that may be causing them difficulty breathing.

Asthmatics to get Botox treatment

Generic pic of a woman using an asthma inhaler, puffer.

Belinda Tasker, National Medical Correspondent A world-first clinical trial is hoped to help relieve the chronic breathlessness felt by asthmatics by injecting Botox into their vocal cords.

Believe it: man flu is real

Man with a cold.

Bridie Smith SCIENCE has confirmed what men around the world have always known to be true: the man cold is real.

Secondary impact

Second-hand smoke killing 600,000 people a year

Cigarette, smoking.

Eva von Schaper Passive smoking kills an estimated 600,000 people a year, almost 30 per cent of whom are children, says the World Health Organisation.

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Hooked on health


If anything we eat is worthy of being called a ''superfood'' it has to be fish. Studies have proven fish oil can help alleviate a seemingly endless list of conditions, from heart disease to...

Herbal healing

Do hippies do it better?


Luke Malone Which natural cold and flu remedies work and why.

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No sweat

Learning to love exercise

There is a way to learn to love exercise.

Lavinia Rodriguez How you can get yourself addicted to exercise.

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