The cold-pressed truth: juice cleanses to combat cocaine

Sarah Berry We power through our yoga, party at an equally accelerated pace and then furiously go on a fast. We want to have our activated almond nut mylk liquid cake and chew it at least 20 times.

Running weather

But it's cold and wet outside...


Brigid Delaney When it's freezing and teeming there's only one thing to do, writes Brigid Delaney. Suck it up.

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Cold facts


Is it possible to develop immunity to the common cold?

Haemophiliac left out in the cold

Mark Metherell HEALTH CORRESPONDENT FOR 37 years haemophilia patient Peter Mathews has had a type of hepatitis which doctors had thought to be fairly benign. Now he knows very differently.

Cold comfort

Despite promising signs, a cure for the sniffles is not here yet. But science is learning more about the illness, writes Amy Corderoy.

Science may have found silver bullet for common cold

Richard Gray Scientists are hailing a breakthrough that could lead to one of medicine's holy grails - a cure for the common cold.

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Silver bullet could kill the cold

Richard Gray Scientists are hailing a breakthrough that could lead to one of medicine's holy grails - a cure for the common cold.

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Study doubts saturated fat's link to heart disease

Grocer Holding Board With Selection Of Luxury Cheeses

Anahad O'Connor New study finds no evidence that eating saturated fat increased heart attacks and other cardiac events.

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Too clean for our own good?

Paula Goodyer A cleaner way of living has improved our health in some ways - but is it also messing with our immune systems?

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Road test

Paleo vs raw vs detox: Three extreme diets put to the test

SL - feb2
Radical Dieters

New year, new you - but how hard is it to embark on a radical health regimen? Three people put their bodies on the line.

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Shivering can help burn fat: scientists


Sarah Knapton It may be the world's easiest weight-loss plan, involving no exercise or dieting.

Fitness road test

Hip-hop yoga is booming in Australia

Georgina Safe The concept is somewhat contradictory: combining the stretching and breathing of yoga with booming and sometimes brash hip-hop.

A piece of the action

A kids soccer team.
Kids Soccer - Stock Image 
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Paula Goodyer Five years ago, designer Matthew Beattie was dedicating four evenings each week to Latin dancing - a mix of merengue and salsa that kept him fit and gave him a social life.

Paula Goodyer

Beating the blood sugar blues

Paula Goodyer Hard-to-manage blood sugar levels can make it difficult to exercise with Type 1 diabetes - but a new program is showing the way.

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Eating disorders

Better? Yes, but the pain remains

eating disorder

Libby McShane There's more to recovering from anorexia than just putting on some weight, writes *Libby McShane.

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Why professional athletes recover before you do

fitness, jogging

Laura Hambleton It's a mystery: When we twist our ankle playing tennis, it can take weeks to heal, but when a pro athlete does it, he often misses barely a beat.

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Good ideas

Shoot down seasonal sluggishness

ROYALTY FREE IMAGESNO FEE CHARGED ON PUBLICATIONA female office worker stretches her arms in her chairGeneric , stretch, overworked, RSI, repetitive, strain, injury, preventative, tired, exhausted, stretched

Jessica Montague Winter is the ultimate energy zapper. With all those warm hearty meals, fluffy blankets and blasting heaters, how could you not want to bunker down? Here's how to beat it.

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Handy hints

The laws of leftovers

Shopping List

Paula Goodyer Each year in NSW alone we throw out $694 million of leftovers. That's not the food tossed out by restaurants or supermarkets, it's us scraping leftovers into the kitchen bin.

Tough Mudder

Electric fence obstacles from the past

Darren Fittler, centre, is training for Tough Mudder despite being blind, with the help of his team mates, Michael Meredith, left, and Dirk Venter, right, in Sydney.
4th October 2013
Photo: Janie Barrett

Damien Murphy Darren Fittler could never have realised the electric fences on his parents' farm north of Coffs Harbour were good training for a 21-kilometre army-style obstacle course that lay ahead in adulthood.

Back ache

Dealing with lower back pain


It hurts and it affects almost every task you do, but effective treatment is here.

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