Green smoothies unlikely to beat the flu

Clifford Fram You can drink as many green smoothies as you like, but no immune-boosting magic potion is going to protect the average person from catching a cold or the flu.

Believe it: man flu is real

Man with a cold.

Bridie Smith SCIENCE has confirmed what men around the world have always known to be true: the man cold is real.

Researchers ferret out a flu cure


John Mangan THE cure for winter flu epidemics could could soon come in the shape of a small lozenge, if research lives up to expectations.

Fermenting is the new food trend

Top trend: fermented foods.

Sarah Berry We are seeing a surge in popularity of this ancient food practice. This is why.

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You're so vein

 IV drip.

Melissa Shedden The latest must-have procedure of the wellness-obsessed is a customised intravenous vitamin cocktail.

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Couch 5k

I did it (well, almost)


Brigid Delaney Brigid Delaney's eight-week running challenge is over.

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Wellness break

How to stay healthy on holidays

Cassy Small Do you work so hard before your holidays that you end up falling in a heap within the first couple of days?

The good food

Ginger up

Crab, ginger and chilli penne

Graham Osborne This humble root is a veritable elixr in plant form. Just ask the ancient Romans.

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How to get rid of those voice-box wrinkles and breathe easier

Prof. Phil Bardin.

Kate Hagan AUSTRALIAN doctors will inject botox into the larynx of patients with severe asthma in an effort to relax muscle spasms that may be causing them difficulty breathing.

Health alert

Superbug fears in antibiotic overuse


Rachel Browne AUSTRALIANS spooked by the swine flu pandemic have driven a rise in the use of antibiotics in the past two years, undoing the work of health campaigns and prompting concerns about the rise of...

Chinese medicines mushroom due to disasters, speculation

Kelly Burke A TIBETAN fungus that feeds on the corpse of the caterpillar host it invades has become the latest victim of speculation on the Chinese market.

Cold comfort

Despite promising signs, a cure for the sniffles is not here yet. But science is learning more about the illness, writes Amy Corderoy.

Herbal healing

Do hippies do it better?


Luke Malone Which natural cold and flu remedies work and why.

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A winning edge with veg

Tomatoes, tomato eyes, vegetarian, vegetables, diet, health, nutrition, salad.

Paula Goodyer Why a vegan diet can help elite athletes attain peak performance.

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Side effects worse than the disease

Amy Corderoy HEALTH PUBLIC health experts have called for an independent body to monitor drug safety after it emerged that young children were more likely to end up in hospital because of side effects from a flu vaccine...

Hospital wants state to pay for transplants


Kate Benson ONE of Sydney's biggest hospitals is more than $5 million in debt because the state government has refused to fund its world-renowned heart transplant program - even though the country's three other...