Insulin Resistance

Angry fat: the new lifestyle hazard to watch

Sarah Berry It is estimated that as much as 70 per cent of cancer is lifestyle-related.

Prophetic words

John Yudkin: the man who tried to warn us about sugar


Julia Llewellyn Smith A British professor's 1972 book about the dangers of sugar is now seen as prophetic. Then why did it lead to the end of his career?

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An issue of storage

Generic muffin top, fat, overweight, obese, obesity, diet, nutrition, weight loss, woman, love handles.

Paula Goodyer We all know that carrying too many extra kilos can increase the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes, so why is it that up to 30 per cent of us can be very overweight yet have healthy hearts and...

Chew on this

Can you be fat and healthy?

Apple for the boss?

Paula Goodyer Why being overweight isn't always a passport to heart disease and diabetes.

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Weight gain

Perhaps a coffee before reading this - or maybe not …


Bridie Smith It's grim news for coffee addicts who like to keep themselves in shape. Scientists from Western Australia have found that drinking too much of the popular brew can slow the metabolism and lead to...

PCOS help

Can acupuncture boost fertility and cool hot flushes?

Acupuncture help: may assist with PCOS and menopause.

Paula Goodyer Acupuncture shows promise for symptoms of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and menopause

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Effects examined

Fruit is not the enemy


Sarah Berry People are throwing out the baby with the bathwater when they avoid fruit in their diets.

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Bacterial basis

Could obesity be a gut reaction?

To GO WITH AFP STORY by JAVIER TOVAR - Solange de Goncalves, 38, speaks with AFP at her house in Sao Goncalo, Niteroi, 35km north of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on August 28, 2012. Solange dropped from 138 kilograms of weight to 123 kilograms in 50 days, after an operation to reduce the size of her stomach from 1,2 liters to 30 mililiters of capacity.                    AFP PHOTO/VANDERLEI ALMEIDA

A poor diet and a lack of exercise may not be the only reasons why some people are more likely to keep putting on weight, writes Melissa Davey.

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Cuckoo for coconut

Coconuts: all they're cracked up to be?

Miranda Kerr

Graham Osborne Do health claims about the once-maligned coconut oil and its trendy sibling, coconut water, stand up to scrutiny?

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The need for speed

Paula Goodyer We all know walking is good for us, but have we overrated its power to help us lose weight?

Health claims

Science of super foods: Health benefits under microscope


Rachel Browne Claims about consumer products will need rigorous scientific backing under proposed regulations.

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A smarter weight loss workout


Paula Goodyer When weight loss is frustratingly slow, a faster workout can help.

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Bright side to PCOS paradox


Susannah Singh Sufferers have more pregnancy problems but they remain fertile for longer.

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Future eating

The healthy baby diet


Teresa Cutter What a woman eats during pregnancy will affect not only her health but also the growth and development of her baby.

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Get up, stand up

Alarming reasons to get off your backside


Nick Galvin Congratulations you are sticking with your New Year's resolution to work out a couple of times a week. And you are also playing social soccer and going for a few walks and the odd run, too.

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The bitter truth about sugar


Recently an American doctor called Robert Lustig has been calling for laws that restrict sugar as if it were alcohol or tobacco.

Pregnant pause for thought

Paula Goodyer

Paula Goodyer Am I getting enough iron, folate or calcium? Is this food safe? These are the things mums-to-be think about when it comes to eating during pregnancy.

When weight problems start in the womb

Happy, healthy belly

Paula Goodyer Healthy blood sugar levels in pregnancy can help kids grow up leaner.

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Sweet news

Liquorice: all sorts of health benefits

Licorice, liquorice, all sorts, lollies, confectionery, candy, sweets.

Annabel Ross What's naturally sweet, low-calorie and good for you too?

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Childhood obesity

Heavy load, heavy hearts


A new wave of cardiovascular disease is looming thanks to Australia's young but bulging waistlines, writes Helen Signy.