When healthy eating becomes an unhealthy obsession

Rose Powell Jordan loved being a vegan. Until it evolved into something far more dangerous.

Ryan's story

A body of struggle: men and eating disorders


Alexandra Bathman Wearing a faded T-shirt, dusty trousers and yellow Hard Yakka boots, it's unlikely anybody would ever pick Ryan as a recovered anorexic.

The sugar hit

sugar cubes. pic from iStock.

Paula Goodyer There's a new twist in the sugar war. After books such as David Gillespie's Sweet Poison and Sarah Wilson's I Quit Sugar stoked our fear of sugar, along comes Don't Quit Sugar by nutritionist Cassie...

Eating disorders

Better? Yes, but the pain remains

eating disorder

Libby McShane There's more to recovering from anorexia than just putting on some weight, writes *Libby McShane.

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Chew on this

Should we quit panicking about sugar?

Beautiful woman with lollipop

Paula Goodyer Yes, we eat too much sugar - but it's not the only reason we get sick and fat.

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Midlife eating disorders - a hidden problem

Female body

Paula Goodyer You don't have to be young and female to have an eating disorder

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Chew on this

Midlife eating disorders - a hidden problem

Paula Goodyer You don't have to be young and female to have an eating disorder

Runner in it for the long haul

The Age, News. Run Melbourne story. Georgia Lyons was anorexic but is fine today and has raised a lot of money for the cause as part of her Run Melbourne efforts.Pic Simon Schluter . JUly 2013

Stephen Cauchi Georgia Lyons finds it hard to believe that just two years ago she was anorexic. But, by raising nearly $10,000 through Run Melbourne, she has done her best to ensure that others don't have to repeat...

Insomnia, this thing of darkness


Dreaming wistfully of a good night’s rest? You’re not alone: insomnia has reached epidemic proportions. Hannah Betts delves into those dark hours when sleep slips out of reach.

The fast track

Paula Goodyer For three weeks this year, scientist Amanda Salis went from sunrise to sundown each day without eating a thing.

Giving fasting a go

The fast track


Paula Goodyer When obesity researcher Amanda Salis tried fasting she found some unexpected benefits

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Body image

Children's diet book leaves bad taste

Detail from the cover art for Maggie Goes On A Diet.

Max Mason An "inspirational" children's novel promoting weight loss has come under heavy scrutiny before it has even become available.

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Thinking disorders, not lifestyle, may lead to obesity


Julia Medew Obese people are more likely to suffer from bad planning and decision-making skills, putting them in a vicious cycle of being unable to lose weight, a controversial study suggests.

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Fitness cravings curbed with team mentality

Danni Rowlands

Erik Jensen AT HER lowest point, Danni Rowlands pleaded with doctors to set her leg in plaster. She was 21, anorexic, suffering from a pathological addiction to exercise.