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US man's simple hack to save on costly Nespresso pods

A US man has devised a simple hack to save on costly Nespresso pod refills. 

After Russell Smith picked up a "fancy pants" secondhand Nespresso machine from a goodwill store, he soon realised that replacement pods for the coffee maker weren't cheap. 

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Simple coffee capsule hack

If you're tired of spending money on environmentally questionable coffee pod refills, here's a simple solution.

In New Zealand they retail for around $1 each, which doesn't sound like much, but soon adds up depending on how often you indulge your caffeine cravings. 

"The only problem is, you gotta decide between buying the pods for [the Nespresso machine] or putting your kids through college," Smith joked. 

"Nespresso ... think they got me fooled but I done broke their system," he explains in a short how-to video he posted onto YouTube. 

"Damned corporations think they're so smart, think they can take my money.


"No sir, uh-uh, ain't gonna happen to me, no way, no how."

So how is it done? You take your used pod, remove the foil cap, and clean out the used coffee grinds. Add fresh coffee and seal it with a fresh piece of foil. Voila. Your coffee pod has been regenerated for another use. 

"It's just as easy as that, bam!" Smith says. 

"Take that Obama. I just saved America millions."

Not only that but it will also make a difference to the massive landfill issue that Nespresso pods have caused. Bottoms up to that.