Win it - tickets for Scottish comedian Danny Bhoy.

Win it - tickets for Scottish comedian Danny Bhoy.

I love Oscar night. From the first steps on the red carpet to the final speech for best film, there’s not a moment to miss. Yes, a little tragic, I know. Is life too short to actually spend close to four hours watching a telecast of an awards show? Probably. But who cares. We’re all allowed our little indulgences. The Oscars is mine.

What is tragic, however, is that, since the advent of children, I more often than not get to the big night having only seen the films nominated for best animated feature. This year the animated category wins out again, I’ve seen [itals]Brave[end itals] and [itals]Wreck-it Ralph[end itals], yet only [itlas]Argo[end itals] in the best film category. I might have to go hard in post-Oscar week and play catch up.

Another favourite part of Oscar night is the host’s opening number. I grew up on Billy Crystal, didn’t mind Steve Martin, was very proud of Hugh Jackman’s all singing, all dancing efforts in 2008. But even the delightful Anne Hathaway couldn’t save James Franco in 2010. And Seth MacFarlane? Who’s he? Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. It would have to be, if you think about it, one of the hardest gigs about. Trying to keep all those clever people who entertain for a living entertained. Good luck to him.

Do it - Oliver Burkeman explores ??happiness for people who can?t stand positive thinking??.

Do it - Oliver Burkeman explores ??happiness for people who can?t stand positive thinking??.

And then there’s the frocks. Nothing better than judging every single starlet who strides – or should that be slinks? – down the red carpet. I wonder what the colour of choice will be this year? The designer of choice? I am by no means a fashionista, but if you can’t appreciate this night of style then that’s a little sad.

Almost as sad as admitting you’re usually curled up in your pyjamas to watch it. (Mind you, WIN is showing it live this year, so pyjamas might be out of the question.)

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See it - James Worth?s <i>The Seed Pod of Life</i>.

See it - James Worth?s The Seed Pod of Life. Photo: Prem Samira

Win it

Scottish comedian Danny Bhoy is on his way to Canberra on March 15 ( Never heard of him? Sample his ‘‘brilliantly original and intoxicating comedy’’ on this DVD, [itals]Danny Bhoy – Live at the Festival Theatre[end itals]. Over the past decade, this young Scot has quietly built a huge global following on one of the most reliable social media platforms of all: word of mouth. This DVD features a special performance on his return to his home city of Edinburgh and it features material taken from his past two highly-acclaimed shows [itals]By Royal Disappointment[end itals] and [itals]Messenger (Please Do Not Shoot)[end itals]. To win one of five copies, email

Do it

Want it - the Walart, a wallet made of a paper type material.

Want it - the Walart, a wallet made of a paper type material. Photo: Rohan Thomson

Winner of the Foreign Press Association Young Journalist of the Year Award, Oliver Burkeman, explores ‘‘happiness for people who can’t stand positive thinking’’ in his best-selling book [itals]The Antidote: Happiness for People Who Can’t Stand Positive Thinking[end itals]. He’ll be speaking at a Canberra Times/ANU Literary Event on Wednesday, at 6pm. See Inquiries: ANU Events on 6125 4144.

See it

If you’re a fan of Sydney’s Sculpture by the Sea, then you should venture further south and check out Sculpture on the Edge. The annual exhibition features large sculptural pieces set into the magnificent coastal scenery, as well as an indoor exhibition of smaller sculptures, children’s workshops, a fire festival and a symposium on animals in sculpture at architect Philip Cox’s Murrah property. March 2-11 in Bermagui.

Want it

Kind of taken by the Walart wallet, a collection of art from around the world displayed on these funky yet functional pieces. It’s a wallet made from a single piece of environmentally friendly paper, ‘‘resistant to mother nature and the dullness of everyday society’’, with images from photography to pencil drawings. There’s also the opportunity to collaborate on your own individual designs. See: