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Best of Paris Fashion Week

Paula Joye From Nicole Richie in red to men dressed as polar bears, here are some of the highlights from Paris Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2013.

Style Files

'I was an oddity at school'

Kimora Lee Simmons

Paula Joye From small town roots in St Louis to the runways of Paris, Kimora Lee Simmons has made the transition from model to mogul to mother in a pair of six-inch heels.

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Lessons from the Ghost of Fashion Past

Kim Kardashian

Paula Joye Paula Joye shuns humbugs and takes a walk through 2012 with a thoroughly fabulous festive spirit.

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Five fabulous fashion reads

Diana Vreeland, 2012 Mago Media, Inc.

Paula Joye Drug-crazed parties, scandal, tragedy... put a fashion biography on your summer reading list.

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Style Files

Thou shalt not wear...

XXX Mrs Claus

Paula Joye When it comes to the office Christmas party, there are some fashion choices you should avoid. Paula Joye on the 10 commandments of festive dressing.

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Our top five scandal T-shirts

Melissa George

Paula Joye Melissa George is but the latest celebrity to inspire a hideous slogan tee, writes Paula Joye.

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Style Files

Big? Beautiful? Why can't it be both?

Paula Joye Is big really just another word for fat? Paula Joye ponders.

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Style Files

Fifteen minutes of fashion fame

Anna dello Russo

Paula Joye Men dressed as women? Women dressed as lamp posts? When it comes to fashion, the new famous sure ain't basic black.

The week in fashion

Skull shoes, stilettoes, pumps, heels by Alexander McQueen.

Paula Joye Paula Joye rounds up the best and worst celebrity looks of the week.

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Death of the dress code

Kristen Stewart

Paula Joye Since when are jeans appropriate for a wedding? Paula Joye mourns the death of the dress code.

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Love is a trench coat

Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Paula Joye A random encounter in Sydney's Blue Mountains made this writer realise that some of the most romantic moments in modern history have starred a beige raincoat.

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Melbourne chic v Sydney showy

Rebecca Judd

Paula Joye It might be the same fashion game, but the style codes are very different, writes Paula Joye.

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Bad Girl Gone Good?

Paula Joye Paris who? Hilton's star is falling fast. Will her new look regain some fame, asks Paula Joye.

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