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Bianca Rinehart: Vogue model

Embroiled in a bitter legal stoush against her all-powerful mother Gina Rinehart, 34-year-old Bianca Rinehart has taken the unusual step of posing as a high fashion model for glamour title Vogue Australia.

Due to hit news stands next week, the fashion shoot took place in the remote West Australian Pilbara near where her grandfather, the late Lang Hancock, discovered the iron ore which has delivered so much wealth, and so much pain, to the deeply fractured family.

There has been speculation about whether Bianca, who recently sold a $500,000 investment apartment in Perth to help cover mounting legal bills, was paid by Vogue to appear in the magazine.

However Vogue does not traditionally pay for stories, with general consensus within the publishing industry that Rinehart did the shoot as a public relations strike, and perhaps the opportunity to wear expensive gowns she can no longer afford.

Due to the logistics of such a shoot and the remote locations, it would have been expensive to produce, with Rinehart appearing in the magazine wearing everything from a combination of high-end designer fashions from some of Europe’s leading houses to a pair of RM Williams boots. 

It is the first interview she has given since 2005, when she made it clear that her relationship with her mother, with whom she worked closely until only last year, was unconventional.


Her mother may well be the richest woman in the world, but as a little girl, a young Bianca was paid $6 an hour picking weeds from her palatial childhood home on the Swan River in Perth.

She said her mother’s catchcry was: "And make sure you get the roots and all!"

Since severing ties with her mother and the family business, she has been living in Canada with her partner and baby son.

Bianca, elder brother John Hancock, and younger sister Hope Rinehart Welker, are suing their mother in the Supreme Court, claiming that she was ‘‘deceptive, manipulative, hopelessly conflicted and disgraceful’’ after delaying by 57 years the date they would get their trust funds, worth billions of dollars.