Paula Joye has spent the last twenty years working in the fashion industry. The former editor of Cleo, Shop Til You Drop and Madison magazines, she believes in the healing power of shoes and that leggings should never be worn as pants.



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Thou shalt not wear...

Paula Joye When it comes to the office Christmas party, there are some fashion choices you should avoid. Paula Joye on the 10 commandments of festive dressing.

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The Little Black Dress Guide

Miranda Kerr

Paula Joye The Little Black Dress is to wardrobes what cake is to icing – essential.

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Ten things he hates about you

big undies

Paula Joye Cargo pants, animal print and nanna knickers... Paula Joye on the fashion mistakes men wish you wouldn't make.

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How to: wear metallics

Asos sequinned

Paula Joye From sequinned shirts to gold and silver mega-gowns, the trend of the moment is metallic.

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Our top five scandal T-shirts

Melissa George

Paula Joye Melissa George is but the latest celebrity to inspire a hideous slogan tee, writes Paula Joye.

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Find the right swimsuit for your shape

60s beach bikinis

Paula Joye Finding the right style for your body is all about enhancing the bits you love and minimising the parts you’re less fond of, writes Paula Joye.

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Melbourne Cup fashion wrap

Feathers Melbourne Cup

Paula Joye From movie stars to royalty there were feathers, fascinators and way too much fluoro at Flemington yesterday. Here’s the good, the bad and the not-so-fabulous from the Melbourne Cup.

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Ten things she hates about you

Johnny Depp

Paula Joye Lycra, slogan t-shirts, waistcoats... Paula Joye on the mistakes men make.

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"All I ever wanted was the guy"

Kate Bosworth

Paula Joye Kate Bosworth is a woman in love. She talks to Paula Joye about turning corners, surfing and finding the right guy.

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Is this how Hollywood turns 40?

Cameron Diaz Esquire tn

Paula Joye Turning 40? Just pose nude. There's got to be a better way, writes Paula Joye.

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Big? Beautiful? Why can't it be both?

Paula Joye Is big really just another word for fat? Paula Joye ponders.

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The DOs and DON'Ts of neon

Neon Julie Bowen

Paula Joye Neon was hot at the Emmys but get it wrong and you'll like an extra from a Wham video. Here's how to nail the look.

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Fifteen minutes of fashion fame

Anna dello Russo

Paula Joye Men dressed as women? Women dressed as lamp posts? When it comes to fashion, the new famous sure ain't basic black.

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A very British garden party


Paula Joye Garden gnomes, poodles and Astroturf: tea party style for Mulberry.

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The future of shopping has arrived

Burberry London

Paula Joye Burberry opened the doors of its new flagship store in London yesterday and, as Paula Joye discovered, the future of shopping might have already arrived.

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Celebrity handbags for auction

Miranda Kerr

Paula Joye Want to own Miranda Kerr's Mulberry? Or Isla Fisher's Miu Miu? Celebrity bags go under the hammer for a good cause.

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Is Kim Kardashian the new Queen of Conservative?

Kim Kardashian

Paula Joye Out with skin, in with chic. The reality mega-star has had a radical makeover, writes Paual Joye.

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Glamorous, Italian and a little crazy

Kate Hudson

Paula Joye From golden perfection to simply baffling, Venice Film Festival fashion is a world onto itself.

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The break-over

Robert Pattinson

Paula Joye Breaking up may be hard on the heart but it can do great things for your appearance, writes Paula Joye.

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Jessica Biel: Hollywood's best-dressed

Jessica Biel

Paula Joye Mrs Timberlake-to-be takes out the entire best-dressed list this week, writes Paula Joye.

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