Paula Joye has spent the last twenty years working in the fashion industry. The former editor of Cleo, Shop Til You Drop and Madison magazines, she believes in the healing power of shoes and that leggings should never be worn as pants.



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Malibu Sunsets

Collette Dinnigan

Paula Joye Stunning sorbet-coloured dresses, on show, at Collette Dinnigan's 2013 Resort Collection show.

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The Golden Girl

Jennifer Hawkins

Paula Joye Jennifer Hawkins talks wedding plans with Paula Joye.

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Here comes the technicolour sun

Miranda Kerr

Paula Joye Neon brights, wild prints and superhero suits ... it's time to get excited about summer clothes.

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The week in fashion

Model Annabeth Murphy-Thomas

Paula Joye Paula Joye rounds up the best and worst celebrity looks of the week.

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Insta-glam: the top fashion feeds

Screen grab from Yvan Rodic's website

Paula Joye It's the smart phone app that's turned everyone into an art director or food blogger. Instagram is the fastest growing social platform in the world.

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The week in fashion

Skull shoes, stilettoes, pumps, heels by Alexander McQueen.

Paula Joye Paula Joye rounds up the best and worst celebrity looks of the week.

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Bigger, bolder: Lara Bingle 2.0

Lara Bingle

Paula Joye "Sports Illustrated has always been my dream." Paula Joye reports on the Brand Bingle juggernaut.

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The week in fashion

Brian Atwood platform stilettos, high heels, pumps.

Paula Joye Paula Joye rounds up the best and worst celebrity looks of the week.

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Like a loser


Paula Joye Naked boobs and guns aren't cool. Paula Joye wonders when Madonna traded daring for desperate?

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The week in fashion

Anne Hathaway

Paula Joye Paula Joye rounds up the best and worst celebrity looks of the week.

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The Shire is dire

Sophie and Vernesa from The Shire.

Paula Joye It wasn't just the plot that was bad on new reality TV show 'The Shire'. What on earth were they wearing?

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Death of the dress code

Kristen Stewart

Paula Joye Since when are jeans appropriate for a wedding? Paula Joye mourns the death of the dress code.

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Is dressing like a wife ruining your relationship?

Track pants, house work.

Paula Joye Kate Moss says she'd never dress like a wife. Paula Joye thinks maybe she's on to something.

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How to dress up casual

Jennifer Aniston

Paula Joye Six pieces. One perfect outfit. Weekend dressing just got a whole lot easier.

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Ten fabulous fashion books

Paula Joye If you love fashion then you'll love these. Here's ten of the best eye-candy books to add to that stack on your coffee table.

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Born this way

Lady Gaga.

Paula Joye Lady Gaga is changing the world one Little Monster at a time.

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Bespoke is the new black

Red stilettoes, high heels, shoes, pumps.

Paula Joye Where to find high heel heaven, the perfect pair of pants and other customised gems.

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The power of positive clothes

Karise Eden

Paula Joye Karise Eden was dressed for the dream. It's what she wears next that's crucial, says Paula Joye.

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How To: Look After Your Boots

Beautiful boots

Paula Joye It’s time to start wearing boots. Ankle, knee-high, thigh high … this season there is a boot for every occasion, every leg shape, every day. Mud, water, dirt and slush all do bad things .

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Love is a trench coat

Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Paula Joye A random encounter in Sydney's Blue Mountains made this writer realise that some of the most romantic moments in modern history have starred a beige raincoat.

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