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Hoorah for the bra!

Paula Joye It’s the undergarment that liberated the way women dressed. As the bra turns one hundred, Paula Joye charts the history of a girls real best friend.

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The Kate Effect

Duchess of Cambridge

Paula Joye Kate Middleton's favourite designer releases a limited edition collection of dresses for everyday princesses.

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What's happened to festival fashion?


Paula Joye Jagger, Richards, Joplin... when it comes to fashion they just don't make them like they used to, writes Paula Joye.

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Lessons from the Ghost of Fashion Past

Kim Kardashian

Paula Joye Paula Joye shuns humbugs and takes a walk through 2012 with a thoroughly fabulous festive spirit.

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Is this how Hollywood turns 40?

Cameron Diaz Esquire tn

Paula Joye Turning 40? Just pose nude. There's got to be a better way, writes Paula Joye.

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Like a loser


Paula Joye Naked boobs and guns aren't cool. Paula Joye wonders when Madonna traded daring for desperate?

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Born this way

Lady Gaga.

Paula Joye Lady Gaga is changing the world one Little Monster at a time.

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Sexy? Or ugly in the worst way?

Jersey Shore girls

Paula Joye The Soft Porn Barbie look is worse than boring - it's dangerous, writes Paula Joye.

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Desperately Seeking Redemption


Paula Joye Is it wrong for Madonna to be wearing a leotard at 53? Or wrong that we judge her for it? asks Paula Joye

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