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Cate Blanchett's prawn-cocktail style

Whether it's on the barbie or in gigantic, shrine-like form, AussiesĀ are rather partial to a prawn.

Turns out Cate Blanchett is too, and prawns have got the Aussie actress hooked.

From her ears, that is.

The 45-year-old showed off her appreciation for the much-loved delicacy with a pair of jewel-encrusted prawn earrings at the Cannes Film Festival on Thursday.

She was at an event presenting the Chopard Trophy for emerging talent, awarding young actors' Logan Lerman and Adele Exarchopoulos.

The happily marriedĀ mum of three cheekily admitted to having an "inappropriate crush" on the young award-winners.


Blanchett paired her dangling, coral diamond-crustacean earrings, which she chose from Chopard's Animal World collection, with a dazzling metallic Valentino dress.

The Blue Jasmine Oscar winner, who to be fair would make a hessian sack look spectacular, more than managed to pull off the prawn cocktail-style.

It is not the first time this week the style icon has made an international fashion splash.

At a charity dinner hosted by Prince WIlliam on Tuesday, she was a true fashion queen, stunning in a slick white Ralph Lauren dress with chandelier earrings. But not a shrimp in sight.

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