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Kanye features Muslim model Halima Aden in Yeezy Season 5

The headlines are all about Kanye's new hair (bleached blonde, doesn't suit him) and Kim's odd purple ensemble, but the coolest story to come out of Yeezy's New York Fashion Week show last night is the one about diversity and a hot new modelling name to know: Halima Aden.

Newly signed to IMG, the agency that reps Kate Moss, Gigi and Bella Hadid and Miranda Kerr, Aden is a 19-year- old Somali-American who was born in a Kenyan refugee camp.

She appeared on the Yeezy Season 5 runway wearing an enormous floor-length fur coat with a black hijab, sparking an explosion of praise (#diversity) on social media - although not, presumably, from PETA.

Aden made a name for herself in November last year as the first hijab-wearing contestant in the Miss Minnesota beauty pageant, in which she declined to wear a bikini, having approached the organisers with pictures of women at the beach in Burkinis. Minnesota has the highest Somali population in the US.

As Aden explained at the time to HuffPost, "It means a lot to me to not only represent Somali women but also Muslim women in this competition." She spoke of being proud to be "opening up the door to so many other girls" and wanting to challenge media stereotypes of how Muslim women are represented by fashion and the media. "Not seeing women who that look like you in media in general... sends the message that you're not beautiful," she said.

Breaking down stereotypes? Too Yeezy.