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Kingston: The stylin' streetz with beatz

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The chilly mornings can’t dampen the spirits of the Southside folk. The fashionable people of Kingston take the Canberra winter in their stylish stride and march to the beat of their own drum.

Michael Phillips, 25

Looking Melbourne-esque in varying shades of black, Mr Phillips caught our eye with his leather look jeans, black high top Converse, tartan scarf and Giorgio Armani ink jacket.

If his wardrobe had a soundtrack, it would it be: Something by Coldplay. In that jacket, he could rule the world.


Marina Belibassakis, 28

The slouchy ankle boots, the coral nails and the hoop earrings, Ms Belibassakis’ ensemble had just the right amount of pizzazz to break up the black and dark winter morning.

If her wardrobe had a soundtrack, it would it be: J.Lo. Obviously. The hoop earrings are coming back. You read it here (and on the Daily Mail) first.

Chad Wijayatilake, 27

Looking like a respectable Terry Richardson in his vintage Alexander McQueen specs, Mr Wijayatilake, who grew up in Canberra, should add seasonal dressing to his resume. He looked as fresh and as sharp as a Canberra winter wearing his YSL sneakers which he paired with an All Saints leather jacket and high-street jeans.

If his wardrobe had a soundtrack, it would it be: Spice Up Your Life by the Spice Girls – fun, fashionable yet not too serious.

Kate Thackery, 21

Ms Thackery has a great trick. That trick is to wear a bold, matte lipstick colour during the depths of a Canberra winter to “trick yourself into thinking its summer”. While she also recommends pairing that bold lip with a suitable jacket, her equestrian-meets-ballet-dancer’s-day-off get up was an extra fresh breath of fresh air.

If her wardrobe had a soundtrack, it would it be: Something by Lana Del Ray. Because she certainly looks young and beautiful.

Elliott and Benjamin Atoltz, 4 and 2

Trust the toddlers to show up the adults in the style stakes. Wearing every trend, every fashion editor has waxed lyrical over for months, Elliott and Benjamin were looking fashionable forward and suitably rugged en route to a café for their first Baby Cino of the morning. Camouflage print – check. Grey marle drop crotch pants – check. Exciting/animal inspired headwear purchased from Aldi – check. Well played boys, next stop GQ.

If their wardrobe had a soundtrack, it would it be: The Peppa Peg score – cute, catchy and excitable.   

Olivia Wijaya, 15

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a woman, in Canberra, cannot make it through this winter without an anorak. Ms Wijaya’s, something she picked up from Factory, was off set in “hipster, but not too hipster” way, by her knitted beanie, nautical striped t-shirt and black leather Converse.

If her wardrobe had a soundtrack, it would it be: Anything by Flume. Not because she’s a “hip, shakin’ mama” because she’s the coolest cat this side of Bondi.