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Moves like Jagger

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Looking at Georgia May Jagger, it’s impossible not to see glimpses of her famous parents. Mick and Jerry’s gene pool swirls around their third child like a halo. There are those lips, that golden mane of hair – she’s the very best blend of her parents’ charisma and good looks. Smaller than you’d expect and more compact, her gap-toothed grin and wide green eyes make this 20-year-old more mesmerising than most.

In Australia on a promotional tour with Sunglass Hut, she stars in their current advertising campaign with boyfriend musician (well, what did you expect) and model, Josh McClennan. “We’d never worked together before – so it was an interesting experience. Kind of a laugh seeing your boyfriend posing – we had a lot of fun”, she said on Wednesday. Guest stars at tonight’s A-list party aboard the Sunglass Hut floating store, the duo have made the most of their visit. “We’re climbing the Harbour Bridge today, we’ve seen sharks at the aquarium and we’re in love with Bondi Beach”.

Georgia is incredibly British. Dressed in a cream Lisa Ho short suit she’s softly spoken with a faint Chelsea twang and incredibly polite – there are zero signs of any wild, bohemian childhood. "There was always music in the house growing up – I love all kinds from blues through to rock 'n' roll. I tried the violin and guitar when I was young, but never really learned to play…and my Mum doesn’t play anything either."

It’s obvious in talking to Jagger that she’s very close to her parents, particularly Hall – she named a pair of jeans in her debut line for denim label Hudson 'The Jerry' after her mum's iconic 70s style - and looks to her mother for advice. "She lets me use my own judgment but has always said 'Do what you feel comfortable doing – if it looks or feels strange then it probably is.'"

Constantly compared to Brigitte Bardot, Georgia May is storming the modeling world with cosmetic contracts, major advertising campaigns and multiple magazine covers including UK Vogue, UK Elle and this month’s Australian Harper's Bazaar. “I’m really trying to have fun with it [modeling]. Obviously, I enjoy the travelling and getting to meet people from all over the world. It’s wild to be working in London one day and then in Australia the next – I just want to keep doing it for as long as I can”.

After modeling, she hopes to move into a career in photography, citing her mother's Helmut Newtown pictures as a major inspiration. "I was at university before my career took off and my plan is to be a photographer – my dream would be to travel and take pictures" she said.

When it comes to style, the model is a fan of Vivienne Westwood – she’s the face of the new Westwood jewellery line – and has a try-anything-once approach to fashion. "I pick up style from everywhere I go, I like to mix it up. I‘ve got some incredible vintage pieces from my mother’s wardrobe - amazing dresses from her Studio 54 days”.

And what about her father’s closet – has she managed to get her hands on any of Dad’s iconic threads? “My sister [Lizzie] has a lot because she’s got the tall skinny figure. I do have one thing of my Dad’s that he doesn’t know I’ve got it and if he did he’d want it back immediately…for a museum”.

Sunglass Hut floating store is moored in Darling Harbour, Sydney from November 15 - 18. 10 per cent of all profits from the Floating Store will be donated to OneSight, a leading global vision care charity.