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I AM a bartender.

I AM WEARING Topman jeans, a hoodie from the Borough Market in London and shoes by Keds. This scarf is not mine and my Flexfit hat is from an op shop. I bought these sunnies from General Pants and my socks are different colours because I don't have any pairs, for some reason.

MY STYLE IS mix and match. Typical urban London street look with a bit of Melbourne.

I ADMIRE THE STYLE OF Luke Pritchard from the Kooks and Pete Doherty from the Libertines. They're both pretty indie and I like the tight jeans and casual look they have.

MY FAVOURITE LABEL is Topman, but I haven't been to the one in Melbourne yet. It caters to my casual look at a reasonable price and has a wide range of looks in a similar style.


MY FAVOURITE PLACE TO SHOP IS General Pants. It's similar to Topman and has a wide selection of jeans.

MY BIGGEST FASHION MISTAKE WAS a blond Mohican. When I look back at pictures now, I looked like an alien with a small face.

WHEN I WAS A KID I was always wearing a Disney character T-shirt. The Lion King was my favourite and I had a Simba and Timon shirt I loved.

I WOULD NEVER BE CAUGHT DEAD IN a leather jacket. It reminds me of weird pop videos in the '80s with big shoulder pads. It's in the same category as spandex for me.