Daily Life

Street Seen

Everyday fashion on the street. By Erin Munro.


I AM IN  High Street, Prahran.

I AM I’ve actually just quit my job, I’m about to go travelling on Monday to Europe for a couple of months.

I AM WEARING a pair of boots I bought from Luisa, a pair of knee-high socks my friend gave me as a gift, a knit dress from French Connection, a little cardigan I got from the op-shop I used to volunteer at, and a Paul Anthony jacket I stole from my mum’s wardrobe. My bag is from Siricco.

MY STYLE IS feminine with a little bit of a unique twist.

I ADMIRE THE STYLE OF my mum’s got quite an unusual sense of style that I admire, quite unlike anyone else. I know it sounds corny, but I do admire her style.


MY FAVOURITE PLACE TO SHOP I do like op shops and I’ve just been to Little Lost Land on Chapel Street, that always has cute little pieces. Luisa, the place I got the boots from, does European imports at a good price, so it’s always good to go there.

MY BIGGEST FASHION MISTAKE WAS I’ve always had fun with what I wear so, I regret nothing!

WHEN I WAS A KID I WORE lots of sparkles, flares, glitter skirts, butterfly clips, lots of fun stuff. And tank tops as well – very ‘90s.

I WOULD NEVER BE CAUGHT DEAD IN socks and sandals.


Jacket: My mum got this from the boss she used to work for just down the road [on Chapel Street], who used to do made-to-order pieces, all custom-made. So it’s a beautifully made piece and it goes with everything.

I’ve always had fun with what I wear so, I regret nothing!

Katrina Nickless

Boots: These boots are comfortable and the green matches the jacket.

Cardigan: This was a great find, it has a nice little bit of sequined detailing on it. It’s Lisa Ho and I got it for six bucks!

Dress: My dress is from French Connection. I love a bit of sparkle as well, so I’m a bit of a sucker for that.

Bag: I got this from Siricco, which is another good place to go for the odd bargain.