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"All I ever wanted was the guy"

The first thing you notice about Kate Bosworth is her eyes. One blue, one hazel - they change colour like a mood ring showing light and shade as she talks. Next up, it’s the skin. Luminous, clear, enviable - it knocks you over like the sun at 6am. Then there’s her laugh which reminds me of Julia Roberts - it's generous, loud and often. Gorgeous in a simple pink Christopher Kane shift dress, Kate is warm, honest and happy. Giddily happy. Newly engaged to actor/director Michael Polish she has the glow and calmness of a woman who’s deeply in love.

“I feel as though I’ve been married twenty years already. Every aspect of my life is enriched because of him. Now that I have this (love) I can’t imagine what it would be like not to have it – I can’t go to that place. It’s just amazing to be truly understood by someone" she said.

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A chic, simple, square cut diamond sparkles on her hand but she's refreshingly goofy when it comes to talking frocks. "I was never one to really think about the whole wedding picture - I just wanted to find the guy. I'd think: 'Am I going to be able to find a man that understands me and can put up with me?' The details of the day aren’t so important".

The pair met while filming the movie Big Sur, based on the novel by Jack Kerouac, and have been inseparable ever since. Will there be more artistic collaborations? “That’s all we ever do. We sit up late into the night creating and planning. We’re going to do a movie together soon which is very intimate – he pushes me as an artist, I have such trust in him and it works.”

In Sydney to announce her role as ambassador for SK-II (she joins Cate Blanchett who’s been with the brand for a decade), Kate insists the partnership is both effortless and authentic. “I’ve been using the SK-II products for years. I was introduced to the face mask by a make-up artist about six years ago and it’s become my saviour. I keep them in the fridge - they make you look good when really you shouldn’t.”

Kate has been in the business since she was 14 years old and propelled to serious fame for her role as Anne Marie in surfer cult classic Blue Crush. But does she surf? "I haven't for a long time but when I did that movie I was very serious about becoming a competent surfer. An athlete - and you can't fake surfing - so I trained my arse off".


Kate is now step-mother to Polish’s 14-year-old daughter Jasper and it’s a role she’s relishing. "Jasper acts and sings – which is not surprising with two such talented parents – so if I can shepherd and help her work some of it out then all I went through at her age will have been worth it".

Asked if she could go back and give advice to her 14-year-old self, she offers: “I would tell her that everything will lead to a moment where it all makes sense”.

For Kate Bosworth, I can't help think that that moment is now.

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