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Where did Alexa Chung's style mojo go?

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Alexa Chung says she's lost her "hunting instinct" as she no longer has to go shopping for her own clothes.

The British model-and-presenter has a wardrobe full of designer wear given to her as perks of the job. While she counts herself lucky, she admits she misses the thrill of making her own purchases.

"It's a fast pleasure now, I miss that thrill I felt when I got my first Mulberry bag. I've lost that hunting instinct," she's told British newspaper The Guardian.

"So even though I can wear anything now, it's not any easier to get dressed," Chung says.

The brunette beauty now finds it difficult to go shopping as she finds everything looks too similar. She confesses her commercial success has influenced the popular styles available in stores.

"I walk around thinking, 'Hmm, everything's a bit samey.' Then I realise that the stuff I think is samey, like the saturation of Peter Pan collars - comes from me," she says.


However she believes she makes better style choices since entering the fashion world. Surrounded by a wealth of attire, she makes decisions based on what she likes rather than popular labels.

"I can see the difference between wanting to buy into a brand and being inspired by a certain piece. Do you know what I mean?" she mused.

Alexa is currently focusing on her new role as a spokesperson for the British Designers Council.