Whitlam tribute: Jackie French believes it's time for children

Jackie French Australian Children's Laureate Jackie French reflects on what Gough Whitlam did for our kids and what our kids could do for themselves, given quality time.

New research

Study finds same-sex parenting is not harmful for children


Cosima Marriner Children raised by same-sex parents fare just as well in their education, emotional and social development as those raised by heterosexual parents, new research shows.

Modern pressures

The parenting project

Mother and baby.

Parents may be going too far in their ambition to give their child the perfect upbringing, writes Andrew Stevenson.

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Brittany Maynard scheduled to die this Saturday, fulfills bucket list wish

Brittany Maynard

Lindsay Bever And she just ticked off an item on her bucket list: visiting the Grand Canyon.

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What it's like to walk around New York as a woman

Shoshana Roberts spent 10 hours walking around New York, recording every instance of street harassment.

Rachel Clun A woman was filmed walking around New York city for 10 hours, and filmed every catcall that came her way.

Should you have a sex contract?

Matty Silver I am always amazed how often couples marry or settle down without first discussing what to expect from their relationship.

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Traditional matchmakers still light the way to marital bliss

Rachel Clun Online dating is big right now, with mobile dating apps like Tinder claiming a whopping 10 million daily users. However, old-school face-to-face matchmaking is still doing well.

Comfort eating

Broken heart? Best not chew on it

When trying to mend a broken heart don't laden it with saturated fats.

Jenna Clarke To those who believe there are better ways to get over a broken heart than devouring a week's worth of fried chicken, potato smothered in gravy and mass produced coleslaw, I say, you clearly haven't...

Which season were you born in?

Winter's child less likely to be moody - study

Winter babies: cool and chirpy?

Nicola Fifield Why winter's child has the joys of spring.

Fertility warning: Coffee can harm your chances

Excessive coffee can hurt fertility, a new study shows.

Sarah Knapton Drinking too much coffee can radically reduce a man's ability to father children, a study has found.

Canberra breast cancer survivors tell their stories

Natasha Boddy Three Canberra women who have survived breast cancer tell Natasha Boddy the stories behind their journey and of life beyond the Big C.

Time of his life

Video of 8-year-old's Dirty Dancing routine goes viral

Nobody puts baby in the corner, but you'd be even more foolish to keep this wonder kid out of the limelight.


Dwarf stripper gets bride pregnant on her hens night


Fiona Govan Spanish woman admits she slept with a dwarf stripper on her hens night after giving birth to a baby with dwarfism.

Tricky subject?

How to talk to your children about sex

Matty Silver Young people are curious and they should have the right to accurate and comprehensive information about sexual health in order to make well-informed choices in sexuality and relationships, when they...

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'Left them speechless'

Australian couple explains the joy of sex to Pope Francis

Mavis and Ron Pirola have called for the Catholic Church to welcome homosexual couples and for married couples to recognise the importance of sex.

Jenna Clarke A devout Australian couple married for 55-years have explained the joys of sex to Pope Francis and senior members of the Catholic Church while calling for the inclusion of homosexual couples within...

Which country has the best men?

Men on the Menu: The woman who went on 75 dates with men in 22 different countries

Men on the menu: Looking far and wide for love.

MJ Angel For many women there comes a time in our lives when we fantasise about throwing caution to the wind, quitting our job, packing up, buying that one way ticket to freedom, jumping on a plane and flying...

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A hat-tip to all the excellent ladies named in the 100 Women of Influence Awards

Westpac chief executive Gail Kelly describes the calibre of the nominations for the 100 Women of Influence Awards as remarkable

Claire Stewart This year's 100 Women of Influence winners represent a wide cross-section of business and community life across Australia.

Love it? Then don't make a habit of it

Love ice cream? Don't make it a habit, or you'll probably enjoy it less.

Rachel Clun If you really love something you should avoid making it a habit.

Blasting the royal family

Germaine Greer: The Duchess of Cambridge 'is too thin'

The Duchess of Cambridge is expected to give birth next April.

Rachel Clun Germaine Greer has blasted the royal family, saying the Kate " has a b…..d of a job" and is under too much pressure to produce more children.

High-class prostitute Amanda Goff happy and unrepentant over Samantha X book scandal

Samantha Goff.

Sarah Berry "I'm probably the most boring woman in the world." This is what Amanda Goff says of herself.

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