IVF cuts result in 1500 fewer babies

Assisted reproductive treatment

Julia Medew Thousands of Australians missed out on assisted reproductive treatment since the federal government changed funding.

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Clinics accused of stopping cheap IVF

Jill Stark OWNERS of private IVF clinics are putting profits ahead of progeny by not offering cheaper treatments that would give more Australian women access to reproductive therapy, one of the world's leading...

Tim Barlass

IVF doctor backs right to choose sex

A LEADING Sydney in vitro fertilisation specialist has backed a couple's request to be allowed to choose the sex of their next baby.

New drug will ease IVF process

Julia Medew WOMEN who plan to use IVF will have the option of one injection to stimulate egg production rather than up to 10 injections when a new treatment becomes available next month.

Time-lapse pictures could help success rate for IVF pregnancies

Kate Benson Scientists have developed a revolutionary new way of determining which embryos are most likely to grow into healthy babies, but Australian IVF experts have warned it is not the answer for most...

Fertility warning: Coffee can harm your chances

Excessive coffee can hurt fertility, a new study shows.

Sarah Knapton Drinking too much coffee can radically reduce a man's ability to father children, a study has found.

'Extremely painful time'

Actress Ada Nicodemou speaks out about the loss of her son

Jenna Clarke Ada Nicodemou has spoken out about the still birth of her son by sharing a touching poem.

Fertility and fingerfood

'Egg freezing parties' tackle fertility issues in friendly atmosphere


Nedahl Stelio Welcome to an egg-freezing party. Where women drink champagne, are educated on the science of freezing their eggs, and the offer of putting your fertility on hold is being openly discussed.


Sarah Dingle who has been trying to find her genetic father who was a donor and all records from Royal North Shore Hospital have been destroyed.
21st July 2014.
Photo: Steven Siewert

Who's the daddy? A sperm-donor daughter's quest to discover her real father.

New research

Study finds same-sex parenting is not harmful for children


Cosima Marriner Children raised by same-sex parents fare just as well in their education, emotional and social development as those raised by heterosexual parents, new research shows.

Woman, 42, expected triplets - but had quadruplets


Rene Lynch 'There are more feet,' the doctor told Kim Fugate after she had already given birth to Kenleigh, Kristen and Kayleigh.

Childfree advice

A few things you shouldn't say to a childless woman

Deserted Swings

Wendy Squires There are two words for the woman who told me it was a tragedy I was childless.

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How to be a morning person

Pip Marlow

Even night owls can learn to rise to the occasion in order to live the lives they want to, writes Peta Doherty.

New frontiers

The great fertility revolution


Victoria Lambert The experimental treatments that today’s fertility scientists keep coming up with are astonishing.


The great fertility revolution

Going through early menopause is no longer a barrier to having a baby. Victoria Lambert looks at the new frontiers of reproduction.

Taboo topic

Men have biological clocks too

Time Flies

Sarah Berry Men have biological clocks too, it turns out. But because we live in a society obsessed with male virility, it is a taboo topic.

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Fertility drug scare over link to mad cow disease

Julie Robotham THE federal government has begun an investigation into the safety of a class of fertility drugs after overseas research showed the hormones - derived from pregnant or menopausal women's urine - could...

Couple praises sperm donor who let them be a family

Amy Corderoy NICK WYNDHAM knows his son, Dashiell, is nothing short of a "miracle baby". A miracle because without the help of a sperm donor, he and his wife, Amy, would not have their four-month-old baby.

Hey, babe, it's just you and me: more singles choose to go it alone

Sarah Whyte DI MORGAN considered herself ''a catch'' at the age of 30. She was at the top of her marketing career, was dating a nice man and was ready to have children.

Chilling warning for women putting motherhood on ice

Harriet Alexander EGG FREEZING is booming, but specialists are worried that the procedure gives false hope to women whose fertility is declining.