Adoption contact hard for mothers

Kate Benson WOMEN who have given up their babies for adoption are still having problems making contact with them more than 20 years after laws were changed to make it easier, usually because they feel they do...

'Like I won a chook raffle'

Deborra-Lee Furness: Stop calling me 'lucky' to be Hugh Jackman's wife

Deborra-Lee Furness.

Deborra-Lee Furness is sick of being branded "lucky" for being Hugh Jackman's wife.

Puppy love

Why Australia is a nation of heavy petters

Heavy petting: there are many health benefits to owning animals.

MJ Angel Australians are rated as one of the most pet-loving counties in the world with 63 per cent of households owning a pet.

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Puberty blues

No caption

Lissa Christopher Puberty is tough enough at the best of times, but even more so when it strikes early.

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New frontiers

The great fertility revolution


Victoria Lambert The experimental treatments that today’s fertility scientists keep coming up with are astonishing.


The great fertility revolution

Going through early menopause is no longer a barrier to having a baby. Victoria Lambert looks at the new frontiers of reproduction.

Lucy has a gay dad and a 'tummy mummy'

Neil McMahon STUART GENT hopes his daughter Lucy will grow up believing herself blessed, a girl conceived and born with love in mind and with the greatest care and deliberation.

Is this baby really a crime?

Tim Barlass From March 1, it will be a crime to enter into a commercial surrogacy agreement paying a willing mother at a clinic in India, as Krista and Matt Geary have done with their new daughter Elizabeth.

Loving families look for permanent solution, not temporary fix

Mother Julie Hall with her three adopted sons

Adele Horin AS AUSTRALIA recorded its lowest number of adoptions ever in 2010-11, Julie and Carl Hall were celebrating the adoption of Codie, the third sibling to be legally embraced by the family in recent...

Family discovery

Abandoned on a doorstep

Baby and an adult.

Andrew Rowan tells Emily Cunningham how he found out he had been discovered on a doorstep by a paperboy.

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Mummy wars

Confronting cover: Time shows mother breastfeeding 3-year-old


A startling Time magazine cover image of a mother breastfeeding her three-year-old son has sparked debate about the technique known as attachment parenting.

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Two mums, one dad and a baby


Surrogacy has been a sleeper issue, but it's about to wake up, writes Brian Robins.

Law unto itself: abortion crime still lurks in legal shadows

Rick Feneley A couple escaped conviction this week, but others can still be jailed in NSW and Queensland for terminating unwanted pregnancies. Rick Feneley reports.

Surrogacy bill gives parents more rights

Brian Robins STATE POLITICS PARENTS of children born through surrogacy would be given full legal recognition for the first time, under a bill introduced in Parliament last night.

Barnardos welcomes same-sex adoptions as religious right vows to fight

Malcolm Brown BARNARDOS AUSTRALIA, which has been at the forefront of child welfare for than 120 years, has embraced the legislation passed in the NSW Parliament allowing adoption by same-sex couples and will...